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Rooney agrees new five-year deal at Manchester United

Well, well, well. What a load of nonsense. Just 36 hours after saying his club could no longer compete for the best players, Wayne Rooney has agreed a new five-year deal at Old Trafford. Alex Ferguson said he is delighted that Rooney realised “what a great club Manchester United really is.”


Happy Families: Ferguson and Rooney


Or else he’s been offered a huge amount of money and his ‘advisors’  have secured him a great deal. Or else (as a friend speculated days ago) this was all a delicate ruse concocted by Ferguson to get the Glazers to stump up more cash. Unlikely, but then again Ferguson is the closest thing one can get in football to an evil genius.

The fans’ reaction has already started turning. He was being vilified by most fans yesterday, but those calling him a money-grabber and over-rated have already begun to turn. How those who held up fans calling him a “whore” and threatening to kill him should he move to Manchester City react remains to be seen.

Rooney has said he will have to win back fans with his performances on the pitch. The rate of his salary has not been disclosed and will make for interesting reading. What is clear, however, is that there are bridges to be built between Rooney and the club now after a tumultuous 48 hours.

Rooney statement Wednesday:I met with David Gill last week and he did not give me any of the assurances I was seeking about the future squad. I then told him that I would not be signing a new contract. I was interested to hear what Sir Alex had to say yesterday and surprised by some of it. It is absolutely true, as he said, that my agent and I have had a number of meetings with the club about a new contract.

During those meetings in August I asked for assurances about the continued ability of the club to attract the top players in the world. I have never had anything but complete respect for MUFC. How could I not have done given its fantastic history and especially the last six years in which I have been lucky to play a part?

“For me its all about winning trophies – as the club has always done under Sir Alex. Because of that I think the questions I was asking were justified. Despite recent difficulties, I know I will always owe Sir Alex Ferguson a huge debt. He is a great manager and mentor who has helped and supported me from the day he signed me from Everton when I was only 18. For Manchester United’s sake I wish he could go on forever because he’s a one off and a genius.

Rooney statement Friday: ‘I’m signing a new deal in the absolute belief that the management, coaching staff, board and owners are totally committed to making sure United maintains its proud winning history – which is the reason I joined the Club in the first place. I’m sure the fans over the last week have felt let down by what they’ve read and seen.  But my position was from concern over the future.  The fans have been brilliant with me since I arrived and it’s up to me through my performances to win them over again.’

Meanwhile the club says Rooney will be ruled out for three weeks with his current ankle injury. This means missing games against Stoke, Wolves (Carling Cup), Tottenham, Bursaspor and Wolves (Premiership). The following game, on Wednesday, November 10 is the Manchester derby against bitter rivals and the team with whom he had reportedly agreed a deal, Man City. Expect Rooney to line out for the reds on the day, if not before.

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