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Marlon King gets a ‘get out of jail free’ card

Coventry City have announced the signing of former Wigan forward Marlon King following the striker’s release from prison less than two months ago.

The term striker is something that could easily be applied to King’s private life, given that he served jail time for breaking a woman’s nose in a nightclub after striking her in the face when she rejected his advances. That King was out celebrating his wife’s pregnancy at the time made the situation all the worse. That the woman he attacked was 20 years old made it worse again.  That King should be given another high-profile football contract with Coventry City despite having a string of previous convictions before his arrest for assault last year, is shocking.

One of the worst examples of a pampered footballer who doesn’t like to hear the word no, King has been re-employed by his former manager at Watford, Aidy Boothroyd, who says King was a “model professional” during their time working together.

How Coventry fans will receive the striker is another matter. The game that claims to embrace all types of fans, across the globe, has much to learn. Games like rugby and in Ireland, GAA, have fans of opposing teams, children, women and men watching in the stands side by side.

In many ways football can’t be compared to these sports in that it is far bigger, appeals to a wider audience but is, most importantly, a business. Coventry are in a league where they need to compete for players, hand-me-downs from the Premiership who can get them back to the coveted league but aren’t wanted by the top teams. In that sense you can feel some sympathy for Boothroyd who wants a good player to help his team.

Maybe the league should step in and say, this man can’t be a role model for young fans. Can’t be a pin-up for girls after what he did to the 20-year-old last year. What happens when he is antagonised by rival supporters, or even his own. King is a man who has been given chances again and again. This is one time he should be told no.

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