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5 things we learned from Man City V Liverpool

  1. If Man City play like that week-in, week-out, they will be challenging for the title. – People who say this morning that last night’s performance doesn’t mean anything are wrong. Yes, it is very early in the season, but that is precisely why we should be taking Man City seriously. Not only was Mancini’s selection mature (David Silva and Balotelli left out for the right reasons), but this is just the second game of the season. We all assumed it would take a long time for these players to gel but Man City’s midfield was awesome last night. Not a word we particularly like using. Ever.

    Hodgson has plenty to ponder after a comprehensive defeat

  2. Man City’s away form will be crucial this year
    Useless at Spurs, poor in the Europa League, Man City were a different team last night. Points may come thick and fast at the City of Manchester stadium, but a lot will depend on how the big-name players travel this year. Will the likes of Yaya Toure and Micah Richards play with as much confidence on the road? If so then the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd will be looking over their shoulders.
  3. Roy Hodgson doesn’t need to panic, but Liverpool are aiming for fourth and no higher.
    One bad result doesn’t mean too much here for Liverpool. However the performance will be a big concern. One of the reasons Kuyt is utilised on the right is to offer protection to the attack-minded Glen Johnson. Last night Johnson was the only danger Liverpool possessed from the right in an attacking sense. By having Kuyt as a defensive winger, Johnson finds himself further and further forward, leaving gaps at the back.
    Die-hard Liverpool fans will point to Chelsea’s defeat at Man City last year as proof that the team can bounce back. But despite what Hodgson says, no Premiership-winning team gets dismantled so completely in any of the 38games, let alone the second game.
  4. Liverpool are still carrying too much dead weight.
    The acclamation Milan Jovanovic received on his Premiership debut against Arsenal from the Liverpool fans is indicative of the fans crying out for attack-minded players. However the Serb has shown little in his games so far to show he is more than an average player. One run that ended in a square pass against Arsenal got the crowd going. Last night he showed reluctance to really run at Micah Richards and pin the English player back in his own half.
    Lucas is not as bad as people would have you believe and may be a victim of the tactics employed by the club, but he is certainly no Mascherano. Poulsen will be the ball-winner in midfield and a ball-winner was desperately needed to allow Gerrard to roam free. Likewise Kuyt, Agger and Ngog all struggled in unfamiliar positions (except Kuyt who just struggled in general) and showed Liverpool urgently need new blood and attacking blood. They have commitment. They have a top-class keeper, they have good defenders, now Hodgson needs to figure out how to get opposing teams on the back foot.
  5. Money can buy you love.
    Ask the Man City fans do they love owner Sheikh Mansour? Yes. Yes they do. One new signing James Milner was instrumental in the victory. But then again, all the others were new signings as well weren’t they. Micah Richards maybe not, but he certainly played like a new guy. Mansour was in the stands smiling last night. Alex Ferguson was in the stands frowning.
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