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Bellamy: I may quit football

Bellamy in quit threat

Manchester City forward Craig Bellamy has threatened to quit football altogether if he is left to linger on the Man City sidelines this season.

The comments come just a day after goalkeeper Shay Given claimed whoever wears the number one jersey for City against Spurs on Saturday will be the preferred goalkeeper for the season and that if it is Joe Hart, Given will seek a move elsewhere.

Bellamy, who also revealed he turned down options to move already, including to German side Wolfsburg, said: “I feel strongly that I can offer something at the club. But if I don’t get in the 25-man squad, I don’t know what I will do. I might finish, full stop, or look at every option I get. This game is as ruthless as any. I sort of feel I am not going to be part of it (at Manchester City). I can see it from a distance. I find that very difficult to take because I really enjoy playing for Manchester City. I think I have shown that with my commitment this year.”

For the record, Bellamy was Man City’s top provider last season, setting up 14 goals (eight of which came in the Premiership) while scoring 11. The Welsh international is clearly disillusioned with the fact that no matter how good a player he was last year or the year before that, Italian manager Roberto Mancini is always likely to prefer a Balotelli, a ‘big name’ and someone who is ‘his player,’ not a remnant of the Hughes era.

Stephen Ireland is in a similar position after being voted Man City’s player of the season the year before Mancini came in, he has

Ireland with former City boss Mark Hughes

not had much of a look-in since. The general malaise caused by being passed over for unknowns, former manager’s pets or in Ireland’s case, Patrick Veira (who wasn’t playing at Inter but was another marquee signing as a Premiership legend) has led to Ireland today discussing teams with Aston Villa, despite them having no manager? Martin O’Neill has left a job, in part due to Man City’s hounding of a player he made a star….

This writer thought Man City had a serious chance at winning the title this year, until the last few weeks. The high-profile chase for James Milner, the alleged £200,000 a week wages for Yaya Toure, the ridiculously overpaid and pampered stars, their inability to play together in pre-season.

Yaya Toure is reportedly earning £200,000/week

The club is doing everything that is wrong with football and it started with the sacking of Hughes minutes before a game last year. Character means nothing. Headlines mean everything.

TheFC100 may have to eat its hat at some stage, but we predict turmoil at City and we won’t be too displeased about it unless the club starts treating players like humans and showing respect to the game rather than throwing its considerable weight and money around in a bid to buy its way to the top.

Craig Bellamy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Loud, annoying face, seems to be permanently moaning. But at least he tries. Let’s see if Balotelli does the same.

For the record, here is the rest of what Bellamy had to say: “With this 25-man ruling, it doesn’t matter how well I train or how good my attitude is, I might not be registered to play. So do I go without playing football until January, or do I find myself a club where I can play football? I am committed to stay where I am. I feel I deserve to be part of it, but I don’t pick the 25 or the team. I have to wait on their decision.

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