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Huang plays down takeover talk at Liverpool. Kind of.

Could Liverpool supporters soon see a new stadium?


In a statement released to The Sporting Briefing online, Kenny Huang’s representatives have played down talk of an imminent takeover of the club by the Chinese businessman and his backers.

The statement reads: In response to widespread media reports that Kenny Huang had made a formal bid for Liverpool Football Club, Mr. Huang would like to emphasise that he has registered interest in investing in Liverpool FC but has made no formal bid. There has been much speculation and commentary from a wide array of people, many of whom have little knowledge of the facts. Unless there is a statement that specifically comes from Mr. Huang or his authorised representatives, which presently is solely Hill & Knowlton Hong Kong office, we would suggest such comments should be given little credence. At this point in time there is nothing further for Mr. Huang to announce. If there comes a time where this changes, we will make the appropriate announcements.

The first thing to note, if this statement is to be believed, is that Mr Huang has indeed registered an interest. So that confirms he is in talks with the relevant authorities. A formal bid, however, is the very final point from which discussions come, so while the statement would appear to be playing down his interest, in actual fact it may be doing little of the sort. If Mr Huang is in talks about a takeover, a formal bid will most likely come if a deal is agreed by all parties. Then the bid would presumably be taken to the FA for approval. What is clear is that the FA have to be informed at least 10 days in advance of a takeover if there is a formal bid. So everything we have read about Liverpool changing hands before the end of the week or “as quickly as possible to provide Hodgson with funds” is probably nonsense.

Show me the money

Liverpool is a club with huge financial interests and concerns. Any bidders thoughts, whether they mean the best for the club or not, are going to be the bottom line and whether the club can make money or represents good value for money. In reality we are unlikely to see any takeover for weeks if not longer.

The statement was the latest in a busy day of takeover speculation at Anfield. Reports have suggested that a consortium made up of Arabian and Canadian businessmen are looking into a possible takeover of the Reds and Seymour Pierce, the company representing one of the parties interested in buying Liverpool, claims their client is ‘very serious’.

Keith Harris of Seymour Pierce earlier told Sky Sports News that one of his clients has expressed a desire to acquire the Merseyside giants. He said: “All I am prepared to say is that we have looked at it very carefully on behalf of would-be buyers, who we know are very serious, we know are cash rich, we know have the right incentive and are prepared to take a long-term view. I can’t say any more at the minute.

The club have yet to issue a statement on proceedings and are not expected to do so until a formal bid has been accepted.

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    August 4, 2010 at 2:52 pm
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    August 4, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    For the ‘other’ news Liverpool fans have all been waiting for: https://thefc100.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/the-other-news-liverpool-have-been-waiting-for/

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