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Blackburn to become the tenth foreign-owned Premiership club?

Blackburn Rovers have become the latest club to be subject to a bid from potential new owners.

It has been reported that Indian entrepreneur Ahasan Ali Syed, the head of Bahrain-Swiss based investment firm Western Gulf Advisory, has made a formal approach to the club’s advisors. Blackburn currently have debts of around £20 million and 36-year-old Syed is proposing wiping out Blackburn’s debts and investing heavily in the club to help turn around its fortunes under manager Sam Allardyce.

Syed is reported to have approached Blackburn’s advisers, Rothschild, and is set to launch a £300 million takeover bid that would lift the club back towards their title-winning status of 1995. WGA have a non-disclosure agreement about the talks but a company spokeswoman told The Sport Briefing: “I can confirm that we made a formal approach to buy Blackburn Rovers.”

Blackburn declined to comment on any potential takeover, saying the matter was in the hands of Rothschilds, although the report added the club was “interested in the approach”. Blackburn meanwhile have said they were in talks with a “number of interested parties” about a possible takeover, according to chairman John Williams. “There have been a number of interested parties for some time and discussions are ongoing,” said Williams.

If the bid were to come to fruition it would mean Blackburn becoming thetenth English Premiership club to be under foreign ownership after Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham, Chelsea, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Sunderland.

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