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The ‘other’ news Liverpool have been waiting for

First Joe Cole signs for the club on a free transfer. Then a Chinese man decides he might make a better fist of running the club than the hated American duo Hicks and Gillett. And now Fernando Torres, one of the most coveted strikers in English football, says his commitment to the club is the same as the day he signed. A summer of doom and gloom has turned into something a bit special for the red half of Merseyside.

Hodgson has managed to keep hold of his star man this season

Now the cynics among us may see some interesting coincidences in the timing of the statements at Liverpool. Yesterday it was revealed that Liverpool are subject to a bid for ownership by Chinese businessman Kenny Huang and his backers. Today, the man who has been the subject of more rumour than Ricky Martin, comes out (sorry, couldn’t resist) and says he is staying at the club. Could he have said something along these lines earlier in the summer? Or could it be that the Liverpool man is that in love with the club that he decided to do his first interview with the club’s website?

Torres’ relationship with Liverpool is a bit special. From pointing to the heavens in recognition of those who died at Hillsborough as a ‘goal celebration’ on the tragic days anniversary, to walking his dogs through the town like a normal being rather than an idol to thousands, to scoring the goals that matter against Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton. But there aren’t really any good guys left in football are there?

A tribute to those who died in Hillsborough

Maybe. Anything you read about Torres as a character is complimentary (unless it’s coming from opposing fans). People talk about him as a good guy as well as a top footballer which made it all the more surprising to read that he had signed for Chelsea or was on the verge of a big money move to Man City. But the man’s desire to win trophies is clear. While he doesn’t seem like the type to join a club for money, Liverpool will know he is always going to be on borrowed time while their aims are to finish fourth and hang on to their top players.

The reported interest from Huang could turn out to be a significant milestone for Liverpool and Torres. More importantly, this summer has done the fans the power of good, and got Roy Hodgson off to a flier before the season has even begun.

For The news Liverpool fans have all been waiting for: https://thefc100.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/the-news-liverpool-fans-have-all-been-waiting-for/

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