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Fabregas tugs at the heartstrings in Barcelona video

A video has made its way online of Cesc Fabregas welling up with emotion as he once again reiterates his desire to play for Barcelona. Appearing in front of a crowd of more than 2,000 people in his hometown of Arenys de Mar, north of Barcelona, Fabregas was presented with a medal in honour of his World Cup triumph and was shown a clip of his schoolboy era at Barcelona. After watching the video Fabregas struggles to keep his emotions in check and tells the crowd that he “hopes to see them more often and closer.”

Watch the video:

The crowd, who called for him to return to Barcelona, cheered throughout the video as pictures of Fabregas in Barcelona youth teams appeared on a large screen, with Fabregas circled in each. Fabregas, addressing the crowd, then wipes tears from his eyes in front of his adoring home town.

The video will increase the speculation that a deal will be reached between the London and Catalan clubs, coupled with the news that Barcelona are to submit another bid of around £33 million and that Arsene Wenger has said Fabregas will play no part in pre-season training due to his fitness levels. The Spanish star is due back in training on Thursday. Sources have told media outlets in England that he will not request a transfer out of respect for Arsenal and his “father figure” Arsene Wenger.

However the likelihood of a deal looks set to increase now, as it becomes plain to see that Fabregas sees his future with his schoolboy club.

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