Scott Parker bid rejected

Has there ever been a summer with more transfer activity surrounding English players? For a team that did pretty poorly in the World Cup it would appear that the likes of Cole, Gerrard, Milner and co are still hot property.

Berbatov feels the brunt of a Parker challenge

However one man who didn’t make it to the World Cup is Scott Parker. Spurs have the right idea in bidding for one of the Premiership’s top midfielders in Parker. Outstanding for West Ham last year, Parker played like a man attempting to lift his team to a Premiership crown, rather than a man playing for a team on the slide in West Ham. That Fabio Capello thought he wasn’t worth a place in the squad is to the Italian’s detriment as Parker would surely have played with passion and intensity that was lacking elsewhere. Which is why Hammers fans will be thrilled to hear some pretty strong words coming from chairman David Sullivan when quizzed about Parker’s future.

On the club website, Sullivan said: “I made a promise that I would not sell Scott and I will not, for any amount of money, break that promise to the West Ham supporters. Scott is not for sale at any price, to anyone. West Ham supporters, for far too long, have had owners that sell their best players and promise one thing and do another. This is a new era. We are building a bigger, better West Ham and when we make a promise, we honour it.

A statement added: “The club would like to state that regardless of the size of the bid, nothing will break the promise that chairman David Sullivan made to our supporters. As repeatedly stated, Scott Parker is not for sale and there are no circumstances and no amount of money that will cause us to break that pledge to the fans. The club informed Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy prior to him making the offer that we would not welcome any approach to unsettle the player. Scott Parker has three years left on his contract and the club has opened talks with his agent over a new five-year deal.”

Liverpool are also believed to be sniffing around Scott Parker if, as expected, Javier Mascherano leaves for pastures new and for a hefty fee. However the smart money has to be on Parker going nowhere as Sullivan would be made to look like a complete fool if the 29-year-old leaves now, although he would command a bigger fee now than he will in a years time.

The only question now is whether Parker’s interest in a move will come to the fore. Playing for Spurs would be an attractive proposition, particularly given the lure of Champions League football. Player power has never been more prevalent in the modern game, so watch this space.

Perhaps Spurs have been using their scouting department to look at videos such as this:

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