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Transfers: The ‘C’ word.

Paddy Power have suspended betting on Fernando Torres leaving Liverpool and joining Premiership rival              Chelsea. The firm announced they were withdrawing the market after a flurry of betting in the past day. Torres had moved from 10/1 to 6/1 and finally down to 1/3 to join Chelsea before the market was suspended.

The speculation intensified after British radio station TalkSPORT announced that they had “two reliable sources” that a deal has been agreed between the clubs. When Paddy Power have suspended betting in the past it hasn’t always been followed up by confirmation of  a deal (as in the case when betting was suspended on Franck Ribery joining Liverpool last summer). However betting was suspended the day before Joe Cole joined Liverpool in a surprise move earlier this month.

But this brings me to the dreaded ‘C’ word. You’ve heard it boldly stated on the radio, splashed all over the newspapers, even repeated by footballers agents. Yes the word ‘could‘ has to be the most popular reason for abandoning the current transfer window policy in England so the transfer speculation madness can all end.

This player could join this club in a deal worth a staggering….so-and-so could join so-and-so within the next fortnight…sources are reporting that blah blah blah could be blah blah blah.

Transfer speculation used to be one of my favourite times of the season. The idea that your squad could have a new number nine. Shock moves between rival clubs. Weighing up every teams new squad versus their old one and seeing who would make progress and who had regressed. Now though it’s become farcical.

Football is big business (as mentioned here many times before, obvious statement I know). You can see a link to football news on most English newspaper’s websites so you can bypass the ‘news’ and head straight for the footie. But the appetite for football has exploded so much that papers have to fill more and more column inches so every day Man City are on the verge of signing someone new. And even if they’re genuine transfer deals. Every day there’ll be some pointless addition to the story, like ‘Balotelli is no longer convinced’ or ‘Balotelli must go so Benitez can fund a move for Mascherano’ or ‘Mancini says he can get the best out of Balotelli.’

It’s gone insane. So when James Milner is described as having ‘amicable’ talks with Martin O’Neill like it’s big news you can’t help but wish the transfer window was done away with so there wasn’t this constant pressure for stories. Why wouldn’t O’Neill have ‘amicable’ talks with the man he has helped turn into an England star? When did O’Neill slam his atitude? When did Milner say he wanted to join Man City?

In truth, to be fair, managers are so cagey with the press that it becomes hard for the press to get answers. When Roy Hodgson says he doesn’t know where Torres’ future lies you can’t help but be skeptical when he said something similar about Joe Cole only for the midfielder to sign within 48 hours. Still, let’s have a bit more analysis lads, rather than the normal ‘sources say’ nonsense. The sources could be wrong after all.

  1. fitz124
    July 26, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    Interestingly, William Hill think differently:
    Fernando Torres’ Club On First Day Of 2010/11 Season:

    * 1/2 Liverpool
    * 7/2 Man City
    * 5/1 Chelsea
    * 8/1 Barcelona
    * 12/1 Inter
    * 16/1 Real Madrid

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