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Harry Redknapp hits the bottle

Redknapp having the last laugh

Ok, Harry hasn’t been hitting the bottle to be fair. But you’d think he had from his latest comments on Spurs’ pre-season USA tour. Redknapp has been playing up his teams chance of winning the Premiership this year. Having won a tight-fought race with three other teams to secure a Champions league qualifying place, Redknapp will this year have top European football to deal with as a welcome distraction from the Premiership.

However, the bright lights, the potential visit of a Barcelona or Inter Milan, all these things can quickly see a solid title charge derailed for a team that haven’t been in the top four since the Premier League received the extra Champions League places. We at TheFc100 like Harry Redknapp. He’s refreshingly honest and makes for an entertaining manager in the old-school tradition. However a title charge is surely beyond Spurs this season. Isn’t it?

A look at the table will show that Spus finished 16 points adrift of Chelsea last year (they lost a sdead rubber to Burnley on the last day). In 2008-2009 Liverpool were 11 points adrift and came within a whisker of their first Premiership crown. Can a team like Spurs improve to such an extent that the normal order of the Premiership is reversed this year? They definitely need new players with doubts over the likes of Robbie Keane and Roman Pavlyuchenko remaining.

Here’s what Harry Redknapp said: “We need two or three players who can make the difference. We’ve got a big squad, but I do feel we need just that little bit of quality in one or two areas if we’re going to move on from where we were last year. We did great last year, but we just need to push on and maintain that. We want to win the championship. It’s not impossible.”

Redknapp also claims they will “never have a better chance” and in that sense he may have a point. Both Manchester United and Chelsea look like they won’t be making too many more signings. Liverpool face a tough test to hang onto their best players and lack strength in-depth. Man City have made some top quality signings but may take time to gel. Aston Villa may lose their star player from last year in James Milner and have yet to add to their threadbare squad.

Who knows, maybe he has a point?

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