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Spain to bid for 2018 World Cup

World champions Spain could be set to capitalise on their dominance on the pitch in recent competition by staging the World Cup in 2018.

Secretary of state for sports, Jaime Lissavetsky, today said that Spain are going to push to co-host the 2018 tournament with neighbours Portugal. In an address to the Spanish Football Federation’s (RFEF) general assembly meeting, Mr Lissavetsky said hosting the torunament was now Spanish footballs next challenge. As holders of the 2008 European Championships and 2010 World Cup, Spain would be ideally placed to launch a bid for the biggest tournament in world sport and along with portugal would have a plethora of top-class stadiums available to showcase the sport on the world stage.

FIFA have allowed joint hosts as recently as 2002 when Japan and South Korea staged a successful tournament and with the 2018 finals likely to take place in Europe, Belgium and the Netherlands are also preparing a joint bid. While Brazil will host the 2014 tournament, Spain and Portugal will face major opposition from the likes of England, the United States, Russia and Australia, who are all preparing bids.

However the fact that Spain hosted the event as recently as 1982 may work against them (as with the USA in 1994) with England and Australia thought to be among the frontrunners at this stage. Fifa is to elect the winning bid on December 2 at a meeting of its executive committee.

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