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What now for Spain’s heroes?

Spain’s triumph over the Netherlands in the World Cup Final on Sunday left most football fans satisfied that the team that deserved victory achieved it, albeit in bruising and frequently less than spectacular fashion.

However after a week of celebration (can Pepe Reina talk yet do you think?) the interest now turns to the future of some of Spain’s finest. Cesc Fabregas, a star player in the finals despite being restricted to substitute appearances, is still the subject of interest from Barcelona. As seen in the homecoming video, Barca and Spain’s centre back stars Puyol and Pique pulled a Barcelona jersey over the Arsenal midfielder to show where they feel he belongs, while Pepe Reina told the crowd he is the future of Barcelona and Spain. He is a future Barcelona player, that is without question. However after Barcelona revealed they had 50 million to spend on players in the pre-season, club president Sandro Rosell said the club would not “go mad trying to sign him.” It seems Fabregas (who has been diplomatic until this point in saying he remains an Arsenal player for now) may spend another season with the Gunners. He is contracted until 2015 and is club captain having joined Arsenal from the Catalan club as a 16-year-old. (Our shout: Fabregas to stay at Arsenal until next season)

Despite a poor world cup campaign, Fernando Torres remains hot property with UK media outlets claiming he is in talks with Chelsea, staying at Liverpool and even wanted by Barcelona, depending on who you read. The majority of what has been written is undoubtedly rubbish. What is probably true is that Torres sees Liverpool as a club stuck in a rut with no sign of hope as of yet. However his affection for the club is clear, and has been since he burst onto the scene with his goal against Chelsea three years ago.  Draping himself in a Liverpool scarf for the post-match celebration (a picture described by the club’s website as the “best pic you’ll see all year” had fans cheering, but news today will give more concrete cause for optimism on the red half of Merseyside.  Roy Hodgson has met with the Liverpool forward and reiterated his view that the club are not encouraging bids for Torres.

Another man who had a bit-part role to play for Spain was David Silva. However the tricky winger is among the big names set to grace the Premiership for the first time next year and will undoubtedly have Man City fans drooling with anticipation ahead of their first game against Spurs next month. The former Valencia favourite has undoubted ability but the first crunching tackle from Palacios or King might set the tone for his time in England. If Man City are about to turn themselves into free-flowing footballing kings then Silva may turn out to be a star in the Thierry Henry mould, however he has been accused of being too lightweight, an accusation that could rear its ugly head again on a windy Saturday afternoon or two in the future.  Silva has today been heralding Javier Garrido as the man who helped convince him to sign for Mancini’s men.

Meanwhile one former Premiership player and world cup winner with Spain has been making headlines for other reasons. Charming work from former Manchester United and now Barcelona player Gerard Pique:


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