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Spurs 0 Arsenal 0; West Ham 0 Utd 1

An uninspiring day in the Premiership sees Manchester United return to the top after a Ryan Giggs second-half effort. West Ham played quite well but were never going to score although they have a good nucleus to push on under Mr Zola and become a decent team.

Arsenal’s trip to Spurs saw Adebayor pop a hamstring and Eboue become the 72nd red card in Wenger’s Arsenal tenure. The man is a first-class idiot, kicking out and then acting as if the referee’s a drunk for sending him off. The game petered out after the red card from an enjoyable contest into a bit of a nothing game, with Luka Modric guilty of a miss at the death that would have provided welcome relief for the Spurs fans.
Spurs remain in a precarious position, while Arsenal have ruled themselves out of the title chase for this season, they may focus on the Champions League now the elusive Holy Grail for Wenger after Barcelona beat them a few years back. Could even spell the end for Wenger and the core of his team. They will struggle to get fourth on their current form and with injuries and suspensions playing their part, it’s looking like a bleak finish to the Premiership season for the men in red.
United won’t be stopped this year, with home games against Fulham and Blackburn next, two or three trophies look extremely likely to wing their way back to the Old Trafford trophy cabinet. Remaining tricky games against Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool will all be at home and with the likes of Evra and Rooney still to come back, and the meanest defence in history, United could have this wrapped up sooner than we all thought a month ago, with Inter Milan to provide a sterner test than their average week domestically…..

  1. Myrna
    March 3, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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