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Kaka to Man City? Football is dying…..

I have been obsessed with football for as long as I can remember. Growing up into a Liverpool family I had little choice but to support the team in red – had I chosen any differently I would possibly have been thrown out into the cold, and at six years of age, that’s a pretty daunting prospect. We used to have a huge stereo/ record player, it was roughly three feet high with enormous dials, a cd player with barely more than play, stop and eject buttons and it was where I got my fix on Radio 5 most days, checking for transfer news, listening to games…..

We didn’t have a tv so I only recognised the likes of John Barnes and Robbie Fowler from their pictures in the paper. But I remember listening to Liverpool get knocked out of the FA Cup by Bristol City in 1994 and crying at the (perceived) injustice of it. It may have been that I was cursing being a Liverpool fan. A horrible fate to have been brought into a family of Liverpool fanatics who had feasted on success for decades, only for the glory days to dry up in time for you to burst (or slowly deflate) onto the fan scene.

With 1995 came my first Liverpool trophy, McManaman’s 2-1 win over Bolton. However i’ll also never forget events like the news breaking that Andy Cole had signed for Manchester United (almost as bad as Liverpool’s lack of trophies). With Liverpool’s ordinariness came a hatred of all things from the second team in red, and I felt sure Andy Cole signing would secure Manchester United success for the following years. They would go on to win six of the next eight titles. Had we secured one, or maybe two of those titles, perhaps I wouldn’t have had to leave the room when they won in Moscow….

I was at a friend’s birthday, sulking, when Houghton lobbed Pagliuca in 94, Cantona’s winning goal in the FA Cup Final (the last time I would cry over a game until Istanbul in 2005), Cantona spectacularly ‘kicking’ a fan in 1995, Nayim beating Seaman to win the Cup Winners Cup, (Man City relegated in 1996), Arsenal (Arsenal??) starting to play with flair under a new Frenchman, George Graham backhanders, regular visits to Selhurst Park for godawful Crystal Palace games and Wimbledon beating United, in awe of Blackburn crushing the Dons as they went on to win the league. “I wud luv it, if we beet them”…….ah my formative footballing years….

– have a listen to the commentator, do the green shirts not give it away man…..???

– always worth another look…..

Now though, AC Milan are considering sanctioning (yes that’s right sanctioning) the sale of Kaka for £107 million. Kaka is an amazing footballer. His goals against Manchester United will ensure he always has a special place in my heart but simply the grace and style he has on the pitch when it looks as though a gust of wind might carry him into the stands, it’s phenomenal. However this amount of money makes an absolute mockery of the game. Fans of Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea have giggled as Wenger has stubbornly refused to join the spending game. Arsenal fans have probably grumbled and had the roles been reversed and it was Liverpool kids playing week-in week-out with a growing injury list and a growing distance to the top, chances are I would have done the same.

But look at it now. Wenger isn’t always the most likeable character, but what he has done for the Premiership is nothing short of remarkable. Ferguson has made Manchester United a phenomenal global business, with talented, attacking players and an eye for flair, however Wenger’s steadfast refusal to pay inflated fees and wages has been admirable and a reflection of a desire to protect the game he loves. I would love to see Kaka in the Premiership. A part of me would be ok with him putting on United’s shirt. I don’t even think he’ll be a huge success in the league. However the amount of money is obscene. How can we expect young players to support their local clubs or their family clubs when the best players in the world are bought out to the richest clubs. A part of me would happily see Man City go down this season. Fingers crossed Milan will have the sense to put a halt to the madness. Maybe the buck stops with Kaka himself. £300-500,000 a week, depending on your tabloid of choice, is hard to turn down, yes. But he is a rich man and already has the one thing most footballers crave, respect for his talent. Come on Kaka, do the right thing, say no to Money City.

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