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Setanta Live Premiership Fixtures Aug-Dec 08

NOTE: For live 2010 fixtures see https://thefc100.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/live-premiership-fixtures-2010/

Setanta have revealed details of their live fixtures up until December of this year. They include live Premiership games at 3pm on a Saturday (there is a god) and there are some crackers thrown in for the first few months. Although Setanta seems to try and cram as many Liverpool/Man Utd games in as possible, the fact is Sky get the pick of them so a lot of the games will be very one-sided. That said there are the likes of Spurs-Everton, Man City-Chelsea and Newcastle-Villa to look forward to as well as some of the bigger games including Spurs-Liverpool and Villa – Man Utd.

Overall, a satisfying lot so far…..

August16: Middlesbrough V Tottenham – 3pm
Sunderland V Liverpool – 5.30pm

August 23: Liverpool V Middlesbrough – 3pm
Fulham V Arsenal – 5.30pm
August 24: Wigan V Chelsea – 1.30pm

August 30: Everton V Portsmouth – 3pm
Arsenal V Newcastle – 5.30pm

September 13: Blackburn V Arsenal – 3pm
Man City V Chelsea – 5.30pm
September 15: Tottenham V Aston Villa – 8pm

September 20: Liverpool V Stoke – 3pm
Bolton V Arsenal – 5.30pm

September 27: Man Utd V Bolton – 3pm
Arsenal v Hull – 5.30pm

October 4: Man City V Liverpool – 3pm
Blackburn V Man Utd – 5.30pm

October 18: Liverpool V Wigan – 3pm
Man Utd V West Brom – 5.30pm

October 20: Newcastle V Man City – 8pm

October 25: Tottenham V Bolton – 3pm
Blackburn V Middlesbrough – 5.30pm

November1: Man Utd V Hull – 3pm
Tottenham V Liverpool – 5.30pm
November 3: Newcastle V Aston Villa – 8pm

November 8: Man City V Tottenham – 3pm
Liverpool V West Brom – 5.30pm

November 15: Man Utd V Stoke – 3pm
West Brom V Chelsea – 5.30pm

November 22: Liverpool V Fulham – 3pm
Aston Villa V Man Utd – 5.30pm
November 24: Wigan V Everton – 8pm

November 29: Tottenham V Everton – 3pm
December 1: Liverpool V West Ham – 8pm.

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