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Spurs get a shiny new Bentley…

Ramos shows off his Bentley

Ramos shows off his Bentley

David Bentley (right-winger, not car, despite what that clever headline made you think) has signed for Spurs in a deal worth £17 million to the Lancashire outfit.
The former Blackburn midfielder has been on the look-out for a new club since Mark Hughes left to join Man City earlier this summer. By signing for Spurs, the England man will have disappointed the likes of Liverpool, Aston Villa and Man City, where Hughes would no doubt have been keen to reunite with the player.

The former Arsenal man has become hot property and may well have made himself England’s number one by signing for the London club. If Spurs can replace Robbie Keane and Berbatov, should he leave, they will have a squad which will look at the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal and believe they can genuinely compete against them this year.

The arrival of Bentley could also signal the departure of Aaron Lennon. Two seasons ago Lennon was one of the best players to watch in the Premiership and earned a call-up to the England squad. However a dip in form last year has led to the belief that he too will be off-loaded this summer by Spurs who are facing into the season with an almost entirely reshaped squad.

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