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Ben Haim to City

Rooney and Ben Haim will renew acquaintances in the Manchester derby

Rooney and Ben Haim will renew acquaintances in the Manchester derby

Well it’s official, Man City have an abundance of cash and are happy to fork out over the odds on, pretty much anyone. You have to feel sorry for the fans who will certainly be feeling blue today (or not as the case may be, man that was a confusing play on words) after dreams of Ronaldinho went with his transfer to AC Milan, only to see the most -unlike-Ronaldinho-type player in the Premiership sign for them.

No doubt, Ben Haim is a handy player. There is also no doubt he was being linked with a £2 million switch back to Bolton a few months ago. Unless he’s putting in three times as much effort these days, it’s hard to jutify that kind of fee. Chelsea have done well from signing a player for free, realising he’s no good enough and making back a bit of wasted money on Shevchenko.

 It’s also strange that Hughes would choose to sign a player in a position where he’s possibly got his best two players in Dunne and Richards. Maybe Richards will be going back to right-back or maybe he’ll be going altogether. A club like Arsenal could do with him at the moment and he would certainly suit their style of play.

So Chelsea have recouped most of Deco now. Sobering thought isn’t it? I always wonder why it is that managers come in with an ‘everyone starts with a blank slate’ attitude, only to farm out the player that got left behind last season. Do the coaches tell the incoming manager, hey, listen, that Ben Haim is a pile of shi**…..?

So Man City have a strong central defence now, time to get moving on the forwards Hughesy. With the likes of Dunne and Johnson set to plede their future to the clubs, Man City fans only need a type of Ronaldinho to get their dreams going for the season ahead….

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