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Robbie Keane to Liverpool

Keane arrives at Anfield
Keane arrives at Anfield

Irish International Robbie Keane has become the second most expensive signing for Liverpool in the club’s history.
Hmmmm. 28 years old. £20 million? He’s a good signing definitely, but whether a £20 mil investment is a good one remains to be seen. There’s no doubt splashing out on the right striker is important. Especially for Liverpool who now have a third option for goals apart from Torres and Gerrard. The fact that Keane can score will also free up room for the likes of Babel and Benayoun to get more goals. It’s easier to mark two players than it is three.

And Robbie Keane is tough to mark. He drags defenders out wide, leaving Torres and Gerrard nearer the box. He can score from long-range meaning defenders have to go to him, they can’t leave him any space. It’s certainly a clever signing, and Keane has had very few problems with injuries until this point.

However Benitez has brought in strikers who hven’t worked in recent years. With a £20 mil fee, Benitez can’t afford to flog him off after a year as he did with Bellamy and as he may yet do with Voronin. Keane’s signing is vital, but Liverpool are still a striker short, unless Ngog can step up immediately, a prospect Benitez doesn’t seem to convince on: “Normally he will be available for the first team next season. He is a player who wants to improve quickly, so he will learn and then settle down”

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