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Top 5 players we love to hate:

(5): Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United

Ah Rio. Ever since making his stupid ‘Punk’d’ rip-off , lounging about in his over-sized ‘Am I white? Am I Black?’ clothes and saying stupid lines like ‘Wazza my son, you fowt you waz well ard’, the non-Manchester United fans of this world have begun to despise Mr Ferdinand (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvWpkLwiQNc). A missed drugs test in 2003 may well have proved nothing in regards to illegal activity, however it did prove to everyone that Rio was in fact, as stupid as we all suspected. I believe an inside source said at the time: “Not the brightest”. Indeed.
Having been banned from driving on a number of different occasions, Ferdinand was dropped from the England squad earlier in his career after being found guilty of drink-driving. He has called DJ Chris Moyles a ‘faggot’ live on air. He has his own record label, TV and film company and property company. However, he still manages to contribute ‘thousands’ to charities each year according to his Biography. Ah, bless him. He’s really just one of us when it comes down to it I suppose. How many thousands I wonder? 2? 5? 10? Let’s say a weeks wages? 100?

(4): Robbie Savage, Derby County.

What is it about Robbie? The blonde hair, the horrendous challenges. The fact that he loves when opposing fans try to wind him up? Whatever it is, there is no doubt Robbie Savage gets under the skin of a lot of fans, up and down the country. He has pissed off Spurs fans when his play-acting got Justin Edinburgh sent-off in the League Cup Final in 1997. He has pissed off Birmingham fans for leaving to join Blackburn saying he wanted to be closer to his parents. Having recently completed a move to Derby he claimed they had no chance of staying up in the Premiership. While true, not the best way of saying hello to your new supporters.
Savage has been awarded more yellow cards in the Premiership than any other player. Having played 39 times for Wales, Savage quit after a very public falling-out with John Toshack. He has previously fallen out with several other managers. Hell even darts fans don’t like him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4L6qfoqHjs

(3): Lee Bowyer, West Ham.

Well Lee Bowyer has been accused of racially motivated assault several times, been banned as a youth for smoking cannabis and been sent off more times than he would care to remember (although last weekend’s dismissal was a little harsh). The former Leeds and Newcastle midfielder was famously put on trial with teammate Jonathan Woodgate for an attack on an Asian student in January 2000. While on trial, Bowyer was one of the pivotal players in a period where Leeds reached a Champions League semi-final and Bowyer was linked with a move to Liverpool.
However, the fallout from his trial and comments by manager David O’Leary left Bowyer with a transfer to Newcastle where he again hit the headlines for brawling on the pitch with his teammate Kieron Dyer. The famous picture of a shirt-ripping, snarling Bowyer being dragged away by Aston Villa and Newcastle players dominated the Sunday papers the following day.
Opposing fans take glee in Bowyer’s bad-boy image and a series of spats with fellow players, opposing players and managers and referees mean Bowyer is one unpopular young (ish) man….For a slightly self-indulgent video of Bowyer V Dyer…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOJuwuHX8tE&feature=related

(2): Didier Drogba (Chelsea) /Jens Lemahn (Arsenal)


They were too close to call so a joint-award in second place for these two. Drogba’s begun to prove he’s a talented player and pivotal to the Chelsea cause but his first season in particular was a mixture of diving and whingeing. The Ivorian regularly discusses how he intends to leave Chelsea at the end of the season and always manages to come back for more. The former Marseille player admitted to the BBC in a post-match interview that ‘Sometimes I dive…sometimes I stand’ before deciding that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say. His unpopularity reached even greater heights when Chelsea fans started to boo the man who had been a huge influence in their increasing success.
Since then he has managed to win over a a vast number of former critics by sticking to his game and scoring some memorable goals in the process.

Jens Lehman is a snarling, angry old goalkeeper with more than a hint of arrogance to boot. The man who has staged a personal war with Oliver Kahn (his Germany rival) and Manuel Almunia (his club rival) for five years or so, has a reputation for riling up opposition players and provocation beyond belief. The German holds the Bundesliga record for most sendings off for a goalkeeper (5) and was dismissed for Arsenal in a Champions League final against Barcelona in 2006. This season Lehman has had to sulk from the bench at Arsenal, dropped after a number of high-profile errors at the start of the season. The man pushes opposition players who get anywhere near him at corners and as this cringe-worthy clip proves, has a tendency to go down a bit easily, just like his Ivorian friend at no.2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eDxn_mCr_o&NR=1

(1): Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United.

Was it ever really in doubt? From the day Ronaldo arrived at Old Trafford complete with diamond-earrings, the average football fan just wasn’t going to like him. Then the diving started. The theatrical tears-are-welling-up-in-my-eyes routine every time he was denied a free-kick or booked for his latest bout of theatrics. Having raced to remonstrate with the referee and help get Man Utd teammate Wayne Rooney sent-off in World Cup 2006, Ronaldo winked to the bench in a conspiratorial ‘Look what I did’ gesture that ensured he would be booed at opposing stadiums to this present day. The boos have subsided somewhat due to Ronaldo’s phenomenal form which could see him break goalscoring records this season. However the exaggerated tumbles still exist, despite Alex Ferguson’s suggestion to the contrary. A training-ground bust-up with Ruud van Nistelrooy is widely regarded as being the reason the Dutchman was eventually forced out of the club. While Rooney forgave the Portugese winger, others in England were less willing to forget his actions in Germany in 2006. The man separates football fans and critics down the middle. Some think he’s overrated, others brilliant, most agree he’s arrogant. And he is certainly public enemy no.1. For one of his more famous dives against Middlesbrough… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7vKu-nMqsY

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