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 (See? Even Alex doesn’t like himself)

Ok, before we start complaining about the most irritatingly smug person in football let’s just say this for the record:

This blog, like everyone else in football, admires Ferguson for his achievements on the pitch. The man has made Manchester United one of the best clubs around and when he goes there will be a void a Old Trafford of a similar stature as Shankly at Liverpool or Clough at Nottingham Forest.

The man has won everything to win in football and when he leaves he will have left the club one of the richest in the world; overseen huge developments in Old Trafford’s infrastructure and man-managed some of the greatest idols in footballing history like Roy Keane, Eric Cantona and Rooney and Ronaldo of today’s crop (who are undeniably on their way to idol status, if they haven’t already achieved it).

 It’s just that he can’t stop rubbing it in peoples’ faces. Humility has never been Sir Alex’s forte, but surely he doesn’t feel that his achievements are not recognised often enough

In the last two weeks, Ferguson has said the following about Manchester United:

(1)  I have always been proud to be manager of this club and on Wednesday I was even prouder and it made me realise I was the manager of one of the greatest clubs of all time. –
Ferguson has repeated this note several times in the media in recent weeks. Referring to United as a ‘special club’ seems to be a particular favourite of his. This is the sameUnited who charge fans an exorbitant amount of money for tickets. Have owners who care only for the financial success of the club and play a meaningless game in Saudi Arabia mid-season for what? The challenge? I think it starts with p and ends with ounds.

(2) We want young players who were brought up at this club the right way, and to understand what playing for this football club is.
Agreed. Unless they are Ronaldo. Cavorting with prostitutes and the like. We definitely want them behaving themselves like at the Christmas party. Yep, if Ferguson found out Darren Fletcher was making tabloid front pages for his extra-curricular activities i’m sure the Scot might find himself on the way out of the club. However Ronaldo is just that bit more valuable. A blind eye will be turned if the player notches up a bucket-load of goals it would seem.

(3) For Manchester United it’s not right. There is something wrong when Manchester United get seven bookings.
Ferguson’s reaction to Mark Clattenburg booking seven United players in one game. Do I need to explain this one?

(4) Last season I’m certain that if we’d had a stronger squad we could and would have done it
(won the treble) but players like Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic and Mikael Silvestre all got injured at a bad time. And the final quote (though there are many more out there) refers to United’s treble being cruelly stolen from them last year by injuries. And the fact that Milan killed them in the semi-finals. And that pesky Didier Drogba. I mean come on: Silvestre getting injured is a blessing surely?

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  1. February 9, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    Great blog!!!
    allways enjoy reading

    thanx for the time and effort
    all hail sir alex!!!!!

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