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Tomorrow….tomorrow…i’ll leave ya, tomorrow….

Wow that headline was clever.

Anelka has gone to Chelsea and is further evidence that Chelsea are going to attempt to play better football as they set about their Grant years.
Anelka will replace Drogba who is bound to leave soon. Like, this summer. Most of the Premiership defences wont miss him. Most of thefc100 wont either. Good player yes. Complete prat. Hell yeah.

Milan Mandaric has confirmed his belief that Harry Redknapp will leave Pompey for the sunnier climate of the North-East and Newcastle. Wait, no that’s….Anyway, Redknapp was in the process of something special at Portsmouth, a club that took him back despite his falling out with the chairman during his previous stay. Still, loyalty is tricky when, as the tabloids explained, you’ll be offered bucket-loads of cash and Pascal Chimbonda at your new club.
Does Harry have a thing for Pascal? Anyone who saw Jimmy Bullard’s teammates stint on Soccer AM will be aware that…’Pascal Chimbonda’s quite long’….but still, anyone else think that was a weird headline? News of the World I think.

Skrtel has completed his move to Liverpool. Sad day for Liverpool fans. Wasn’t so long ago that Anelka was pleading with Houllier to be allowed to stay at the club. Liverpool didn’t take up that option. They signed Cisse. And the rest, my friends, is history. Except history is coming back to haunt them. Leave it in the past I say. Skrtel wont play tomorrow as he is unfit having played his last competitive game in mid-December. Tomorrow, the Slovakian will presumably spend the day searching for the missing vowel in his surname.

  1. FPB
    January 12, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    hi fellas
    very good site – have just come across it and will keep checking in. more football thoughts and a host of other rants back at my blog if you get a mo’

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