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Capello for England?

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Capello flips the bird

Well here we go again. The news that Fabio Capello is imminently expected to take over as England manager has begun to raise questions about the ‘English game’.

We touched on this a while back with the foreign players in the Premiership piece, but now it seems it’s about to come back to the forefront of media attention in England.

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Capello un-flips the bird

English managers aren’t getting the England job? What about Steve McLaren? People bemoaning the lack of Englishmen suitable for the job are the same men who were screaming for McLaren’s head in recent months.

True, Capello doesn’t speak English. Personally I think this is a problem. Not least because the likes of David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand will find themselves with a better vocabulary than a legendary manager. The ‘cheeky chaps’ like Coley and Lamps may decide that they can take the piss out of the big man’s specs because he won’t have a clue.

Bollox. He’s one of the best managers from the past number of decades. Coaches have to learn languages in today’s footballing world. Benitez, Mourinho, Wenger and Ferguson have all struggled to find the right words in English over the years but the man who’s been the most successful of them all, Alex Ferguson, still cannae’ speak a word of English. Or so it would seem.

Capello will make the decisions for the right reasons. If Fergie feels like pulling players out or complaining that they’re playing friendlies there are few coaches he would think twice about before giving a bollocking. Capello is one of the few. He’ll drop Beckham if he’s only played once in the last three months. Michael Owen will be fit or out. Gerrard and Lampard and Terry? Reputations don’t matter to Capello like they’ve mattered to his predecessor. At Real Madrid he wasn’t happy with Ronaldo and Beckham. Paid too much, love themselves too much. They were both dropped indefinitely. That Beckham came back into favour speaks wonders of the Englishman’s character. That one of the greatest strikers in the world was carted off to Milan speaks wonders about Capello’s character.

Stop whinging guys. Capello will be the man to finally get England back amongst the contenders.

Go to fullsize image  All jokes aside Fabio do something different will ya?

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