World Cup Draw – Live!

16:46 Meanwhile hosts South Africa have drawn Nigeria in a tough group in the African section of the draw…

16:42 So there it is then. Scotland and Wales have the toughest groups. Northern Ireland and Ireland will be hopeful of getting second. England will be quietly confident. Who would have predicted that??

16:36 Pot 7: France, Romania, Serbia, Lithania, Austria and Faroe Islands. Not bad for France, not great though. Romania looked really strong in Euro 2008 qualifying and led the Netherlands the whole way. Serbia are generally tricky, though France will not be knocking their knees just yet. Austria are the biggest name in the 5th seeds but some fans have asked the government to pull them out of Euro2008 as they fear an embarassment. Blimey.

16:34 Pot 8: IRELAND. Yes they get capitals because they’re my team. It looked good for a while there. Italy threw a spanner in the works. Ireland have a great shot though, at least at a play-off place. Bulgaria are decent, yes, but revenge against Cyprus, a familiar foe in Georgia and the mighty Montenegro should all be beaten, leaving a fight with Bulgaria to secure second place. Italy won’t fancy their games against Ireland too much though. If Ireland can get them in Croke Park next year the atmosphere will be sensational and Ireland will at least be reminded of their glory day in 94 when they beat Italy 1-0. Unfortunately this does mean Ray Houghton will be providing the commentary for RTE….bugger.

16:32 Pot 9: It’s going to take a titanic effort again from Scotland. Netherlands haven’t looked great so far, but they will get stronger, no doubt, as Van Basten gets more time with them. However, Norway, Macedonia and Iceland are no push-overs. A runner up spot will be a tough ask, let alone even winning the group.

16:30 Pot 4 is Wales. not likely to get any easier there for the Welsh. Germany are one of the strongest teams in Europe right now while Russia and Finland both exceeded expectations in 2008 qualifying.
Pot 5 sees Spain and they’ll be pleased with ther group. Whoever succeeds Aragones will take on Turkey and Belgium as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Aremnia and Estonia.
Pot 6. England. Well they’ve got to be happy. Croatia are familiar foes at least and a new coach will fancy his chances of beating them. Ukraine are a decent seed 3 to get while Belarus, Kazhkstan and the dreaded Andorra should be disposed of easily enough, provided McLaren doesn’t get his job back.

16:27 * Well that is it. ‘Group of Death’ proably goes to pot 1 where Portugal, Sweden and Denmark face Hungary, Albania and Malta. Pot 2 sees Greece and they wll be delighted with their draw. Israel, Switzerland, Moldova, Latvia and Luxembourg will battle it out for the play-off spot, though Israel will fancy a go at the top this time around.
Pot 3 is Northern Irelands and it could be worse. There are no stand-out teams like Italy or France. Czech Republic are not the force they were, Poland are good but beatable. the Slovkia and Slovenia games are tough though considering they are the weaker opposition.San Marino are 6 point bankers.

16:25 Wales: Germany/Russia/Finland/Azerbaijan and Liechtenstein
Northern Ireland: Czech Republic/Poland/Slovakia/Slovenia/San Marino
England: Croatia/Ukraine/Belarus/Kazakhstan/Andorra
Rep of Ireland: Italy/Bulgaria/Cyprus/Georgia and Montenegro
Scotland: Netherlands/Norway/Macedonia/Iceland

16:22 GROUPS:::


16:20 England join Ukraine plus their old nemesis Andorra in group 6….Scotland have a tricky assignment in group 9 with Norway Macedonia and Iceland so far

16:19 Oh its Sweden V Denmark again in pot 1

16:18: IRELAND IN POT 8. NOT BAD SO FAR. Cyprus, Georgia and Montenegro….

16:15 Finland join Wales. they’ve had a good campaign recently but a few older players so Wales won’t be too despondent….

16:13 Macedonia join Iceland in 9. That’s one to avoid, as is 3 with Slovakia and Slovenia. OH Just as I said it Northern Ireland have gone into pot 3. Nasty business after a brave Euro 2008 Qualifying campaign….

16:12 OOOHH Slovakia join Slovenia in pot 3. Local rivalry, tensions allthat kinda stuff…Wales are in 4!!! Azerbaijan and Liechstenstein…..not bad.

16:11 Iceland go into pot 9 on their own, the pot with one less team than the others, it’s already looking tricky….

16:10 Slovenia go into pot 3, tricky assignment. Group 7 sees Austria join the Faroe Islands….

16:08 ACTION- Malta first out and they’ve got a tricky assignment in group 1 with no opponents so far…they have to be confident of reaching a world cup for the first time in their history

16:06 A brief musical interlude and an explanation of what’s going on in South America and the draw for Europe is set to get underway…

16:01 Lot of trash-talking going on on FIFA’s website….Lot of drunk people too. Two in particular who fancy Greece or Romania…Grow up lads this is serious business here

15:58 EUROPE NEXT!! Remember England have been relegated to pot 2. Scotland and the Republic of Ireland are in pot 3. Wales and Northern Ireland are hoping for a kind draw…..

Canada face St. Vincent/Grenadines. That isn’t the winner of Vincents V Grenadines. They are all the one team. All the vincents and Grenadines together, set for battle against the Maple Syrup guzzling Canadians.

USA will play the winners of the Dominican Rep Vs Barbados tie….Mexico fared slightly better. They face the winners of the titanic battle between: Belize and St. Kitts and Nevis. Nope we don’t have a clue either. This commentary is deliciously narrow-minded so far…

North/Central America and Caribbean:
Nothing much to report just yet…Except it turns out Cuba have a football team. Which is nice….

DRAMA IN OCEANIA: Australia have been drawn in the same group as China….Australia, China, Iraq and Qatar…cracker. Elsewhere Korea Republic Vs Korea DPR has war writen all over it in group 3. Group 5 sees Iran test their potent attacking weapons against Kuwait, UAE and Syria. Good Lord. Brings a whole new meaning to the term sore losers…..

Good evening football fans. Fresh from watching an entertaining London derby between West Ham and Spurs, the focus now is on the World Cup draw. Because lets face it, the alternative is Fulham V Blackburn which will finish 0-0. He said confidently.

We will be focusing on the European Draw….but here’s whats happened so far….

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