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Odds on Next England manager

The latest odds on who will replace Steve McLaren as England manager….(odds in brackets represent odds first offered when the news of McLaren’s sacking broke). We will be updating this page whenever interest is declared or a manager is ruled out.

Monday 10th December: JOSE RULES HIMSELF OUT! Plenty of people have lost a bit of cash today after Jose Mourinho sensationally ruled himself out of the running for the vacant England job. Mourinho decided that the job wasn’t for him after posting a message on his agent’s website. Mourniho’s decision makes Fabio Capello the overwhelming favourite with the bookies although the lack of English must still be an obstacle. It may also leave the way open for Harry Redknapp to re-enter the running. However, O’Neill and Mourinho are now both gone, leaving the FA facing another situation whereby they’ll be offering the job to a man who wasn’t their first choice, like McLaren after coveting Scolari last time around. And we all know how well that ended up. Mourinho does stay at 16/1 as it would be just like him to take the job tomorrow after this announcement. The idea of a German managing the English team will probably rule out Klinsmann, Lippi is a good bet at the moment.

Friday 7th December: Mourinho wants it. The fans want him to have it. The FA will pay him €6 million a year. Er. No brainer? Anyone? Regardless, the 7/2 you could have had when McLaren was sacked is still not great. The 11/10 on offer now is almost better in that he’s roughly even money and overwhelming favourite for the job. The only way he won’t get it is if Barcelona or AC Milan sack their managers. Which is unlikely. Capello remains second-favourite but the lack of English thing may be a problem coupled with the extreme differences between Serie A and Premiership styles and players.

Thursday 29th Nov: Louis Van Gaal has declared his interest in the job. The AZ coach will have delighted his club by registering his interest with the media. Van Gaal has a clause in his contract which allows him to leave his job to coach England but it doesn’t kick in until 2009. Chances are he won’t get offered it anyway, although he boasts an impressive cv having won both major European competitions as well as Dutch and Spanish league titles.
Jose Mourinho either wants it desperately or isn’t sure depending on which paper you read. Most reckon he’s issued a come and get me plea. As the overwhelming fans choice (I didn’t say all fans before Utd and Liverpool fans start arguing) Mourinho’s odds are likely to stay low whether he says the FA can f*** off or kisses their feet.
Benitez’ odds have drifted after a couple of good results rendered his job slightly safer.
Alan Shearer is still a decent outside bet given the high-profile backing he has received, as is Hiddink ridiculously enough. Russia’s decision to stall his contract talks could be taken personally by a successful manager like the Dutchman. Smart money is still on Mourinho though.

Monday, 26th Nov: Alan Shearer is still available at decent odds as talk of him being ‘perfect for the job’ grows: Alan Hansen’s words, not ours. Jurgen Klinsmann is another big mover after he declared an interest while Jose Mourinho’s people, whoever they are, say the Special One (God, enough already) is waiting on a call from the FA.

Friday, 23rd Nov: Odds dramatically tumble on Rafael Benitez after he refuses to rule himself out of the running amid reports of a breakdown in his relationship with Liverpool’s owners. Benitez is cut from 50/1 to 18/1. Alan Shearer says he is surprised but won’t rule himself out either. Arsene Wenger says is should be an Englishman and says it won’t be him. O’Neill’s odds drift after he says he is not interested. Capello has become the out and out favourite. Anyone asked Martin Jol?

Thursday, 22nd Nov: Harry Redknapp confirms he will be putting his name forward for the vacant position. Sam Allardyce rules himself out uncertainly, saying he has to honour his contract. Not saying, I don’t want to go for the job. Fabio Capello has already registered his interest in the job while Martin O’Neill has played down reports linking him with the job (again).

Fabio Capello 4/7 (11/4) (7/2) (3/1) (9/4) (9/2) (6/1) (14/1)
Martin O’Neill 5/1 (9/1) (7/1) (10/1) (7/2)
Marcelo Lippi 6/1 (18/1) (33/1) (40/1) (18/1) (16/1)
Jurgen Klinsmann 14/1 (16/1) (10/1) (20/1)
Jose Mourinho 16/1 (11/10) (5/4) (4/1) (7/2)
Luis Scolari 25/1 (20/1) (14/1) (12/1)
Alan Curbishley 25/1
Harry Redknapp 25/1 (18/1) (6/1) (9/1) (16/1) (14/1)
Steve Coppell 25/1 (28/1)
Guus Hiddink 33/1 (28/1) (22/1) (18/1)
Louis Van Gaal 40/1 (33/1) (22/1) (14/1)
Alan Shearer 40/1 (16/1) (14/1) (12/1)
Rafael Benitez 40/1 (25/1) (22/1) (16/1) (18/1) (50/1)
Martin Jol 125/1 (80/1) (66/1)
David Beckham 250/1
Steve Staunton 1000/1
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