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Mid-week flutter

To prove that Saturday’s hopeless attempt at winning loads of money from the bookies was just a once-off, today’s flutter is more reserved with a certain element of spice.

Also, our stats show that people aren’t looking at the unbelievable free-kick just below this post. Could it be that you’ve all seen it? If you haven’t, go look a it. Now. It’s ridiculous. Sublime. This post will be neither.

Here Goes (though why that gets a capital G I don’t know):

Weighing in at odds of 87.56/1: (Winning teams in bold)

LEEDS (2/5) v Hereford (Yes it’s risky.) wrong
VENEZUELA (8/15) V Bolivia (May as well give up now) right
GERMANY (1/5) v Wales (Banker)

Andorra V RUSSIA (1/40) (Banker)
Belarus V HOLLAND (6/10) (Hmmm. Dutch haven’t looked great and have qualified. Tricky)
Cyprus V CZECH REPUBLIC (8/15) (Ditto)
HUNGARY (15/8) V Greece (We told you it’d get saucy. Figured with Greece guaranteed top spot they might take their foot off the ball?)
ISRAEL (1/2) V Macedonia (Beating Russia take it out of Israel? Nah)
ITALY (1/50) V Faroe Islands (Banker)
Malta V NORWAY (1/8) (Norway have to win to have any chance of qualification)
PORTUGAL (2/7) V Finland (Tricky, winner takes all)
ROMANIA (1/7) V Albania (Banker)
San Marino V SLOVAKIA (1/25) (Hmmm. cheeky draw for San Marino. Maybe?)
SWEDEN (2/9) V Latvia (Sorry to all Northern Ireland fans. It’s gotta happen)
TURKEY (1/8) V Bosnia (Tricky but Turkey need the win)
BRAZIL (3/10) V Uruguay (Two draws from three games, time to get into the winning habit for Brazil)

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