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Sky Sports December fixtures:

Sky Sports have revealed their line-up for December and by god is it a mouth-watering one.
Event the Derby County games are at least guaranteed a few goals, even if they are all for the one team (not Derby, could we be any clearer about this?)
The 16th of December is the obvious one to salivate over. Liverpool v Utd and Arsenal V Chelsea. Acquaintances renewed. Friends reunited. Enemies revisited. Title races revitalised. The Premiership revoloutionised. My god.
Elsewhere it’s a case of take your pick. Arsenal have a tough December schedule. Newcastle and Portsmouth away with Spurs and Chelsea at home. Expect Wenger to call for a winter break again and again and again. Liverpool V United is absolutely huge. United tend to come into their own at Christmas while Liverpool are long overdue a win against their fierce enemies.
The games not involving the ‘top 4’ will also be entertaining. Is it my imagination or do goals start flying in during the Christmas period?
For the recors, thefc100 is firmly against a Winter break. The 26th of December is one of the best days in the world to be a football fan when the games go on all day. Between Sky and Setanta, there is a feast for football fans this Christmas (I don’t work for either of them I swear).
Let the games begin……

Saturday 1 Chelsea vs West Ham 12.45pm
Sunday 2 Tottenham Hotspur vs Birmingham 4pm
Wednesday 5 Newcastle Utd vs Arsenal 7.45pm
Saturday 8 Aston Villa vs Portsmouth 12.45pm
Sunday 9 Blackburn Rovers vs West Ham 4pm
Sunday 16 Liverpool vs Manchester Utd 1.30pm
Sunday 16 Arsenal vs Chelsea 4pm
Saturday 22 Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur 12.45pm
Sunday 23 Newcastle Utd vs Derby County 2pm
Sunday 23 Blackburn Rovers vs Chelsea 4.10pm
Wednesday 26 West Ham vs Reading 1pm
Wednesday 26 Portsmouth vs Arsenal 7.45pm
Thursday 27 Manchester City vs Blackburn Rovers 7.45pm
Sunday 30 Derby County vs Blackburn Rovers 1.30pm
Sunday 30 Manchester City vs Liverpool 4pm

(For previous live fixtures: click on the link offered in the comments section)

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