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Italian Players Speak Out

Shortly after our post mentioning how top players in Serie A like Kaka would surely consider quitting the game over there, Kaka himself spoke out about the situation. Below are his comments, plus more from the likes of Fabio Cannavaro who captained Italy to World Cup glory, and Clarence Seedorf, a vital player for AC Milan in their Champions League success last year:

Kaka focused on the players in Serie A, saying that the violence risked incurring a mass exodus from Italian football.


“It’s sad and I was a direct victim because the fans stopped the game and we didn’t play.
“Something must be done, it’s a social problem and it goes beyond football.
In the end, it’s the players who are punished. They cancel the game, the championship is suspended, we never know when we are going to play, but we have to keep training and make ourselves available.
(Could he consider quitting Italian football?) Of course I could. It’s not the first time.
“It’s not that I want to change clubs because I’m happy at Milan, but if these situations keep happening, I have to wonder whether it’s worth it and if I’m still enjoying what I’m doing.
“All these acts of violence risk distancing the top players from our Serie A.
“The world class players want to play in great teams and in Italy there are some of the most prestigious clubs in the world. But they are also looking for joy and enthusiasm.”

Fabio Cannavaro seemed to have more of a grip on what it meant to the ordinary football fan, choosing to express his sadness about what was happening on the stands, rather than worry about his own future.

Fabio Cannavaro:

“At Real Madrid, I see so many families and kids turn up for our home games at the stadium and I feel fortunate. I am lucky to play abroad.

“I feel that we (Italians) continue to give a bad image of our country and our football abroad.
“I will always be proud to be Italian but I feel angry and upset when I watch or hear incidents like the ones experienced at the weekend.
“I feel disappointed.
“Our football is in the hands of people who are doing violent acts at stadiums, that start fights, that burn buildings, as was the case at the headquarters of CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee in Rome). This is not sport, sport is what we do on the pitch.
“The clubs and the state have to take responsibility in order to resolve this situation. Something has to be done immediately.
“We have to distinguish between fans and hooligans. We have to isolate the violent people. The important thing is that those individuals stay away from the stadiums.”

Meanwhile, Clarence Seedorf took yet another side to the argument, blaming the government for the problems and saying football has nothing to do with what is going on.

Clarence Seedorf:

“I think the government is using every chance they can to blame football for the problems they have in Italian society.
“I think they should think about shutting down the government for a couple of weeks rather than football because we have seen the problems have not changed.
“The people are not happy. Groups are coming to stadiums to express their feelings and their feelings are not positive.
“And that does not come from the disappointment of the team, it is the whole society that is lacking a leader and lacking some clarity. They need to address those problems.
“Of course we can become more secure and we can improve a lot of things, but this issue has nothing to do with football.”

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