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Brazil has been announced as the host nation for the 2014 World Cup Finals. With all they hype about Mr. Ramos taking the reigns at Spurs, this story has been slightly overlooked today. Perhaps because we have to wait another seven years for it to materialise. Still, it’s exciting news and most of us will be wondering whether we’d be in a position to afford to go in seven years time. Personally I think I know the answer to that question, good luck to the rest of you though….
Ok, ok. Ramos. Spurs.

He’s putting qualification for the Champions League on the back-burner for now. Not a bad idea. He had the same idea at Sevilla and they won two UEFA Cups while strengthening to the point where they can call themselves challengers for La Liga this season and last. Ok maybe just last. Apparently the new coaching team were stunned by the poor levels of fitness at the club. The fact that Berbatov refused to warm up recently might give an indication as to how much he loves running around a training ground. Also, Martin Jol wasn’t the slimmest so ordering the lads to do repeated sprints would’ve been a bit cheeky….
As for Jol, he claims he’s going to recharge the batteries and has refused to rule out returning to the Premiership when he’s had a few weeks sipping cocktails and not taking his team to play a Carling Cup tie with Blackpool. Life can’t be all that bad Martin. We hope to see you back in the Premiership….
Paul Scholes is out for three months. Big blow for United. Torres, Alonso and Agger will miss the next couple of weeks for Liverpool. Big blow for them. Robbie Savage is out for five weeks. Bad blow for opposition fans…..
Michelle Platini has had a go at Arsene Wenger for stealing young children and bringing them to Arsenal. Yes we did call him Michelle. No you’re not allowed to insert the appropriate Madeleine McCann joke here…..
Arsene Wenger has categorically denied reports that Gilberto Silva had refused to take part in the Carling Cup tie with Sheffield United tomorrow night. Maintaining that Gilberto is the perfect professional, Wenger said the Brazilian will line up in defence. You can’t blame Gilberto for feeling bad though. I mean, come on, he has to play with second-rate shite like Walcott, Eduardo, Denilson….who would want that. (Ps if any of the three mentioned are reading, kick-around at my place whenever you’d like). Luckyily for Gilberto, Neil Warnock is no longer in charge at Brammal Lane. Now there’s a weight off….
Rio Ferdinand is fit to take his place in Manchester United’s team for the early kick-off on Saturday against Arsenal. Now there’s a game every football fan can look forward to. Wouldn’t particularly want to be in van der Saar or Almunia’s shoes though…..

  1. Victor
    October 30, 2007 at 8:21 pm

    I’m so happy that Brazil is going to host 2014 fifa world cup… I don’t know if we are ready to host a big event like a world cup, since we don’t have many stadiums ready for the games but I know government will do the best to build everything on time. I saw this video ( weshow . com/br/p/19726/copa_do_mundo_2014_no_brasil ) on the internet that shows the stadiums they are going to build. Some of them already exists, others are just a project. Let’s go Brazil! Let’s do the best world cup of all time!

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