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Jol’s gone too….

Martin Jol has resigned as manager of Tottenham tonight according to reports. Martin Tyler announced that he had been made aware that Jol resigned before the game at home to Sevilla, which Spurs lost by two goals to one. Jol, who has been in charge since 2004, was a popular figure amongst fans and the media and will be sorely missed in the Premiership. Though ITV4 claimed the resignation was offered before the game, football websites are reporting it was tendered after the game with the truth likely to be revealed later tonight. After the final whistle, having seen his Spurs team lose for the second time in four days, Jol shook hands with the Getafe coaching staff before disappearing down the tunnel with the Spurs fans’ boos ringing in his ears.
Clive Allen is expected to be named as stand-in coach for Sunday’s game with Spurs, while Sevilla coach Juan Ramos will be heavily linked with the vacant position, with some reports linking Leeds’ no.2 Gus Poyet as a potential assistant to the Sevilla coach, should he take charge.

  1. Tio
    October 25, 2007 at 10:54 pm

    Paul Kelmsley was grinning like a cheshire cat tonight behind Daniel Levy as he tipped off every paper under the sun that he had finally got his man Jol sacked.

    I am absolutely gutted that we have lost Jol and I blame the board for results and morale. They totally undermined the manager earlier in the season from that point forth there was no recovery. I am sick to death of ENIC and these bastards who own our club. It is like a wolf in sheeps clothing only the sheeps clothing is our beloved tottenham.

    I have supported Spurs since I was a kid but I have never felt more repelled from what spurs has become today. Sack the board. If you are a true fan stand up and make your anger and feelings known. The board must go! Let the club know your feelings…


  2. October 26, 2007 at 4:12 am

    who will replace Jol ? i hope it’s Jose Mourinho. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see Tottenham VS Chelsea ?

  3. October 26, 2007 at 3:43 pm

    Gotta say Tio, was talking to a Spurs fan today and the board definitely don’t seem to be popular right now. As a personal fan of Jol and the way he sets his team up to play football, sorry to see him go. As for Kelmsley I completely agree, was strange seeing it on ITV. He seemed pleased, though Levy had the exact same smile on his face when Spurs were 3-1 down to Villa recently. Perverse. As for Mourinho to Spurs? Seems he’s binded not to take a Premiership club this season so it won’t happen. Though, yes, it would be interesting…..

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