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International Fixtures: 13/10/2007

It’s crunch time! How’s that for a dramatic opening statement? COME ON SCOTLAND!!! The Euro 2008 qualifying groups are finally coming to a conclusion. The first team to qualify for Euro 2008 could be revealed tonight. Predictably, it could be Germany. Unpredictably, we reckon Ireland will beat them so they won’t be! Let’s read on and see how many exclamation marks we can use!
Scotland, thefc100’s adopted team (now that Ireland are out of the reckoning, again) face Ukraine knowing that if they win they are heartbreakingly close to qualification. I use the word heartbreakingly because that final fixture against Italy has been staring at me for some time, grinning, waiting…..
England will probably beat Estonia 3-0 with Peter Crouch scoring twice. The real test is next Wednesday against Russia.
Wales go to Cyprus where Ireland took a surprise hammering last year. Expect more of the same there to be honest.
Other games to look out for include…
* Armenia V Serbia. Yes you heard me. And no, not for footballing reasons, for the number of fights that will break out.
*Denmark V Spain: thefc100 is going all out and predicting a win for Denmark in this one, bringing Spain’s qualification hopes to their knees. Yes, an entire country’s hopes will be on their knees. I just like to say knees…..
*Romania V Netherlands: Classic written all over it. A fight for outright control of Group G. 4-3 to the Netherlands with Van Nistelrooy to score all seven and then kick a ball boy when he’s substituted late on.

Todays entire fixture list plus kick-off times (GMT) below…..

Group A
Armenia V Serbia (20:00)
Poland V Kazakhstan (20:30)
Belgium V Finland (20:45)
Azerbaijan V Portugal (21:00)
Group B
Scotland V Ukraine (15:00)
Faroe Islands V France (16:00)
Italy V Georgia (20:50)
Group C
Hungary V Malta (16:20)
Moldova V Turkey (21:00)
Greece V Bosni-Herzogovinia (21:30)
Group D
Slovakia V San Marino (15:00)
Cyprus V Wales (19.15)
Rep of Ireland V Germany (19:45)
Group E
England V Estonia (15:00)
Croatia V Israel (20:15)
Group F
Iceland V Latvia (16:00)
Liechtenstein V Sweden (19:00)
Denmark V Spain (20:00)
Group G
Belarus V Luxembourg (18:00)
Romania V Netherlands (20:15)
Slovenia V Albania (20:30)

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