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Football losing its soul? Surely not….

In the past couple of weeks the likes of Roy Keane and Arsene Wenger have criticised modern day football as becoming a materialistic opportunistic game, where players compete for the cars, girls and the biggest houses and biggest studs in their ears. Keane’s argument that players were being paid too much is certainly merited, and this site believes that the sooner a wage cap is introduced the better, especially when reports are linking Kaka with a £100 million move to Stamford Bridge to become the latest millionaire to grace Chelsea FC.


(Keane: how’s it going? Big red thing: yeah not too bad mate…)

Chelsea’s unlimited power to spend could have killed the Premiership as a fair competition had Abramovich not decided to curtail the excessive expenditure of his early reign as the money-man. However, Roman decided enough was enough and Chelsea finished the season without the coveted Premiership title or Champions League trophy in their back pocket. This lack of success has cost Jose Mourinho, a man with a phenomenal match record during his time at Chelsea, his job, and now rumours persist that the new coach Avram Grant will be armed with a transfer kitty the size of Mourinho’s ego this coming January.

Thus Keane had every right to complain about footballers being dominated by the lights of London and their girlfriends also came in for particular criticism. Keane, who reportedly earned a new deal in his playing days at Manchester United by demanding he was the highest-paid player at the club (his agent’s demand, possibly, but Keane was probably still happy to take home the paycheque) is perhaps being hypocritical when discussing matters of money and residence when he was, and still is,  ridiculously well-paid and spent almost the entirety of his career in one place (when he moved to Celtic he complained about missing home and his family) but the sentiment is a just one.

However football took a further blow today when it was revealed that Reading’s Kevin Doyle will no longer be allowed to slide across the turf in celebration at scoring a goal. Doyle, who to be fair has only had the opportunity once so far this season, scored the winner against Derby before sliding towards the fans in celebration. However Reading coach Kevin Dillon has claimed he will be talking to the Irish international and warning him not to repeat the celebration as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s career was was prematurely ended due to the same celebration applied following the Norwegian’s Champions League-winning goal in 1999.

Dillon: I was a bit concerned about Doyle’s goal celebrations because he nearly did his knee ligaments. I will have to have a word with him about that, although I wouldn’t mind a somersault because he would be in more control. Solskjaer got injured doing a knee slide when United won the Champions League a few years ago. That is seriously why he had the problems he had afterwards.

The fact that Dillon has to add the word seriously suggests that the interviewer may not have taken the concern too seriously. We would politely suggest to Kevin Doyle that he does the same, and if he doubles his tally for the season anytime soon, celebrate as if he is a Premiership footballer, playing football for a living and loving every minute of it….We know we would…..


(Doyle’s knees being treated by an enormous bear, moments after scoring V Derby)

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