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International Break: Happy or not?

Those who have to be pleased to see a break in Premiership competition:

Liverpool: Despite Rafael Benitez’ many complaints about the last International Break (that’s right, it gets capital letters), this may have come at the perfect time. With Daniel Agger and Xabi Alonso sorely missed at the heart of Liverpool’s team, two weeks off for the pair to fully recuperate will be welcomed by all at Anfield. Who knows, maybe Harry Kewell will be back for the Merseyside derby? Then again that could easily be a negative for the Liverpool fans…

(‘seriously though, International retirement….your thoughts…‘?)

Martin Jol: You see, it’s almost impossible to be sacked for poor results when you’re not playing….While Spurs have had a hell of a week in the Premiership, it hasn’t been a hell of a good week. Spurs could do with a week or two off and will come back together in a new frame of mind having forgotten for a couple of weeks that they are below Middlesbrough in the table….

Everton: After winning a tumultuous affair in Europe on the Thursday, Everton looked tired in their 3-2 defeat to Newcastle. With the Merseyside derby coming up, David Moyes will be grateful for the chance to prepare his squad properly and to get Andy Johnson back to full fitness in the meantime. Plus Fernando Torres could be rested by Benitez if he’s tired after his excursions for Spain. Then again, so could Gerrard, Babel, Mascherano…….

Those who might not be too thrilled:

Manchester United and Arsenal: Winning games galore. United have finally hammered a opposing team and now get two weeks off for their troubles. The good news on their end is that the latest injury victims Vidic, O’Shea and Brown plus long-term absentee Gary Neville and the man made of glass Louis Saha all get a couple of weeks off. Still, United finally got their groove back on Saturday and you get the feeling they would have liked to keep playing for Premiership points…Arsenal meanwhile look close to unstoppable. International breaks mean international injuries, so at least one high-profile manager will be bitching when one or two less players report for training in a couple of weeks time. Let’s face it Benitez definitely will, injury to a Ronaldo or a Fabregas may see Ferguson and Wenger jump on the bitchin’ bandwagon….

(Wenger and Ferguson: best of pals and wearing matching sleeping bags. Ah, bless.)

Avram Grant: ‘What are you kidding me? I win back-to-back games that everyone is looking for me to choke in and all of a sudden the players are f***ing off on me? Not cool. Not cool at all’. Or words to that effect…

The fans: Look; a good international game can be enjoyable, of that there’s no doubt. But we are suddenly faced with no football for five days. That’s enough to make a man turn to golf. QPR-Norwich is being seriously contemplated by certain people, but whether or not i’d (did I say i’d? I meant certain people) be pushing my luck asking the local pub (which has turned alarmingly pro-rugby in recent times) to turn on the aforementioned game, well that’s another matter. Plus being Irish, International breaks can be very gloomy affairs. Germany at home doesn’t exactly get the cheerleaders out in any respectable Irish fan’s head so Scotland V Ukraine will perhaps be thefc100’s tipple of choice come Saturday. Then, after Saturday, we have to endure more International games and another few days in the football doldrums….Who’s in favour of just doing a lucky dip for International qualification from now on….? (Rafa, put down your hand, no-one asked you……)

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