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Champions League Update

Our congratulations to Rangers who recorded the upset of the night, beating Lyon by three goals to nil in France. A terrific result that sees Walter Smith’s men in a strong position to qualify from one of the toughest groups around.

Rangers shock French champs

(yep, they’re as surprised as we were…)

Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger were both happy to come away with 1-0 wins. Ferguson claimed afterwards Utd deserved it. We’re not so sure. Had Roma been a little braver and more clinical they would surely have got the revenge they sought following last years trouncing at Old Trafford. Wenger beamed after the game. 6 points from 6 means Arsenal may be able to play their ‘youth’ team for a couple of games later on in the group and thus rest players to continue their assault on the Premiership. Wenger admitted they were lucky that Steau missed a one-on-one before Arsenal scored, but in true Arsene form couldn’t help but slip in the fact that it was probably offside. It wasn’t Arsene.

Tonight sees Valencia Vs Chelsea. Rumours abound that Shevchenko will be back on the bench. Seems Grant has the balls to be the boss and not Roman’s bitch as we all thought he might be when he took over recently. Terry is being allowed to make the decision himself about whether he plays. Therefore expect Terry to demand to play Valencia on his own, naked. And Valencia get to use weapons.

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(Terry, moments before devouring the baby for breakfast)

Liverpool ‘welcome’ back Djibril ‘why place it when you can wallop it’ Cisse and Bolo ‘i’m a little sleepy’ Zenden to Anfield where Marseille provide the opposition. Both players will no doubt be politely applauded. Cisse will no doubt be caught offside a dozen times at least. Zenden will no doubt score a 30-yard rocket that Liverpool fans all expected him to do every so often in a red shirt.

Celtic face AC Milan. God speed……

  1. dragojac
    October 3, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    Do I smell am ABU lurking in there?

  2. October 4, 2007 at 3:04 pm

    No, I genuinely believe Utd were lucky to get the win! Thought I was a little harsher on the others if anything! Still, my secret lack of love for Alex Ferguson may occasionally shine through, in which case I apologise, or well spotted, take your pick!!

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