No Way Jose!

Jose Mourinho has ‘mutually’ parted company with Chelsea FC today after the club released a shock statement earlier this morning to that affect.

While bookies are frantically offering odds on who will replace the enigmatic Portugese, Avram Grant is apparently set to be installed according to several websites. Grant will take charge of team affairs alongside Mourinho’s assistant Steve Clarke for this weekend’s crucial game with Manchester United. While Chelsea’s website shows pictures of ‘first training for the new men in charge’ which seems to suggest a permanent role for the pair, it remains to be seen what role Clarke will have, particularly as Mourinho defended his assistant several times when Roman Abramovich wanted to bring in his own man as no.2.

However, with Chelsea fans reeling from the funny little man’s departure, Clarke will probably be used as a bargaining tool whereby he appeases the fans worries by being a ‘Chelsea man’ at the helm. Whether Clarke chooses to stay or not is another matter.

What is certain is that Mourinho will be missed for his entertainment value, missed by Chelsea fans for his astonishing match record which the incumbents will struggle to replicate, and perhaps even missed by those who hated the way he behaved. Because while he did behave badly at times, shockingly badly sometimes, he was always worth a look for what he had to say, and he spoke with passion, something Grant may not do quite as wittily….

Mourinho’s decision to leave on the eve of a crucial game at Old Trafford without several influential players may have been a shrewd move. Few can see Chelsea winning on Sunday and Chelsea’s first game post-Mourinho may end in tears for Abramovich…..(and for Jose, it will all be going perfectly to plan…moohahahaha)…

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