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Preview of Wednesday’s Champions League fixtures: 19/09/07

Wednesday’s Fixtures:

  • Rangers Vs Stuttgart
  • Barcelona Vs Lyon
  • Roma Vs Dynamo Kiev
  • Sporting Lisbon Vs Man Utd
  • PSV Eindhoven Vs CSKA Moscow
  • Fenerbache Vs Inter Milan
  • Arsenal Vs Sevilla
  • Slavia Prague Vs Steaua Bucharest

Tonight’s fixtures are generally more attractive on paper. After a frightening lack of top class goals last night, we’ll be hoping for better fare tonight when some entertaining teams take to the pitch. Pick of the bunch has to be at the Emirates where two of the most attractive teams to watch in Europe face each other; Arsenal Vs Sevilla. 

Arsenal have enjoyed a terrific start to the season and although Wenger admitted today that selling Henry was a gamble, the man himself has also stated that Arsenal are playing more like a team in his absence. Sevilla have had their problems recently. Puerta’s death means every game is shrouded in emotion and the pressure to perform intensifies. With Ramos and star full-back Alves linked away from the club, it has been a trying few weeks. However, free from distractions, thefc100 has high hopes for this game. Both play a fluid counter-attacking game and neither are afraid to commit numbers forward. (after all that, a boring 1-0 win for the Arsenal has to be the outcome, we’ve gone and built it up too much again….bugger.)

Moving on, Sporting Vs United could also be a cracker. Now that we’ve put a few on Ronaldo to score in the 90 mins, expect him to be either rested or absolute crap. Either way it’ll be interesting to see the reaction of the crowd to the fairyboy and Nani returning home. SPARKS WILL FLY. Possibly they won’t, however the game has high scoring draw written all over it….

Elsewhere Barca V Lyon looks decent. Lyon are traditionally absolutely superb in the group stages (Barca could ask Madrid about the last two seasons. Chances are they won’t though. What with them being sworn enemies and all…) and knocked out as soon as the going gets tough and they decide winning Ligue 1 for the 54th time in a row is a better idea……The battle of the capital letters is our dark horse for the night. PSV Vs CSKA might be absolutely sensational and we’re willing to bet anyone any money that there will be at least six goals*. The fact that Russian teams have a harder time on their travels than Bin Laden at US Passport control suggests PSV will walk it but we’re not so sure. PSV are a more defensive outfit under Koeman, but Inter Milan and Fenerbache make up a tough group so attack may well be the order of the day….

*we’re not willing to actually bet any money with anyone, it just sounded good at the time….. 

  1. November 27, 2007 at 7:26 pm

    There has been a lot of controversy in fan circles about Fenerbahce not being able to advance and this and that because of their actual points – anyway, calculations or not it seems that an English team is going to win the Championship with Man United and Arsenal at the top of their game

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