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Saturday’s International Fixture List:

Saturday, 08 September 2007

European Championship Qualifying

No excuses 

(McLaren’s cheek implants get the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’)

Fixture, Group, Time:

Belarus v Romania, G, 17:00
Croatia v Estonia, E, 19:30
England v Israel, E, 17:00
Georgia v Ukraine, B, 16:00
Hungary v Bosnia-Herzegovina, C, 15:00
Iceland v Spain, F, 21:00
Italy v France, B, 19:50
Latvia v Northern Ireland, F, 17:15
Luxembourg v Slovenia, G, 16:00
Malta v Turkey, C, 18:30
Moldova v Norway, C, 19:00
Netherlands v Bulgaria, G, 19:30
Portugal v Poland, A, 21:00
Russia v FYR Macedonia, E, 16:00
San Marino v Czech Republic, D, 19:15
Scotland v Lithuania, B, 15:00
Serbia v Finland, A, 19:15
Slovakia v Rep of Ireland, D, 19:30
Sweden v Denmark, F, 19:30
Wales v Germany, D, 19:30

  1. September 7, 2007 at 4:10 am

    england have a lot of players out … but they need to win bad

    i think they will be huge if they cant qualify for euro … with all the money in the EPL, yet not being able to qualify, will be a huge blow

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