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Liverpool-Chelsea: The fall-out in quotes!

August, 21, 2007

It’s getting harder and harder to tell who the fiercest of enemies in the Premiership are these days. The Arsenal-Liverpool rivalries used to be fierce, now, missing the likes of Keane, Veira and Keown/Van Nistelrooy, they are tamer than a lion that’s just been tamed. By a lion-tamer. United and Chelsea aren’t really big fans of each other it has to be said. Then again United and anyone don’t have a lot of time for each other. But Chelsea and Liverpool are just beinning to show signs of hating each other so much that every game will be a veritable card-fest. Sundays game certainly won’t do anything to ease the tensions between the two clubs. I think we all know what happened at this stage, all Liverpool and Chelsea fans feel free to comment!

Here’s what they had to say:

(1): Liverpool’s official website: www.liverpoolfc.tv ” Liverpool were building a head of steam and you felt sure a second would come, but they were rocked when referee Rob Styles gave Chelsea a route back into the game in the 62nd minute when he adjudged that Steve Finnan had fouled Florent Malouda in the penalty area. The injustice of the decision was proven by television replays, but Chelsea accepted their gift when Lampard beat Reina from the spot to make it 1-1“.

(2): Chelsea’s official ‘flash’ website:


But then play switched to the other end and Finnan injudiciously slammed into Malouda as Wright-Phillips’s pass was coming his way. It was inside the box and in front of the referee. Lampard confidently rifled the penalty home low – the Wembley miss cleared from his mind”.

(3): Rafael Benitez, Liverpool Manager: “It is unbelievable. How can you take this decision? It is unbelievable. A team that is working so hard how can you change a game like this?”

(4): Jose Mourinho, Chelsea Manager: “I have not seen it on TV so I was 30 metres away. Malouda opens his legs to let the ball run and he is brought down from behind – I think it’s a penalty. Do you think my players surround the referee? I have a naive team. We do not have any divers, no violent people, we do not have any nasty tackles. It’s a pure team.”

(5): Rafael Benitez: “If that’s the case then I’m Little Red Riding Hood! You can check his team and I think how many times they do and say the things they say they don’t do.”

(6): Rob Styles, Referee: “Yesterday, in mistakenly awarding a penalty, I accept that I may have affected the result of the match and for that I apologise

(7): Keith Hackett, Referees’ Chief: “I have spoken to Rob and obviously he was extremely disappointed when he looked at the video with the decision. He has admitted that he got it wrong, but accountability exists and we at the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) do expect referees to get the big decisions right. Therefore Rob will not be officiating next weekend“.

(8): The Times Newspaper: Only Styles knows why he awarded Chelsea a penalty in the 62nd minute, when Steve Finnan and Florent Malouda were involved in an entirely inoccuous collision, and only he knows why he opted to wave a second yellow card at Essien soon afterwards if, as he claims, he was not booking the player.

(9): Ashley Cole, Chelsea: It was a big point for us. When you come to Anfield, you’ll take anything. We’ve all been talking about the penalty  and I don’t want to blame anyone. You win some, you lose some. But it was a real blow for Liverpool and really hurt them at the end, which made it so good for us.

(10): Steven Gerrard, Liverpool: I think a very, very unfair decision has got Chelsea a point today. But I think we proved today we are capable of challenging. I felt the referee didn’t play well today. There was a lot of pressure from the Chelsea players and I thought he eventually cracked.

So, as the game is left to rest on the shelf, all we can say is god bless the Premiership. Never a dull moment (did anyone witness Newcastle-Villa on Saturday?!) and with plenty of talking points to keep the likes of us entertained week in – week out. We can’t wait to see Chelsea and Liverpool square off another ten times* this season!!

* Expected total number of games based on average from the past three seasons……


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