Reyes is a goner!

Atletico Madrid have tied up a move for Jose Antonio Reyes after agreeng a twelve million euro deal for the Spanish forward.

Reyes, who famously scored twice for Real Madrid on the final day of the season to secure La Liga for Atletico’s arch-rivals, has made no secret of two things: (1). He’d rather be at Real Madrid. You’d think scoring the two most important goals of Real’s season may have got him an extra year or two. But no. No it didn’t. Clearly new coach Bernd Schuster wants Reyes at the Bernabeu as much as Fabio Capello did last season. (2). There was absolutely no way he was going back to London. You may have heard about it; reasonably big city in the south of England, quite a popular tourist destination by all accounts. Not for Jose. You get the feeling Reyes may have actually made a run for it if he’d been forced to come back to Arsenal. As in, last seen in Mexico running a small beach bar kind of a run for it.

Luckily for Jose, Atletico have taken pity on him and Arsenal will now be rid of Reyes as well as Ljungberg and Henry. With Eduardo da Silva the only attacking arrival at the Emirates this summer Arsenal fans will be entitled to be worried about prospects for the coming season. However, an impressive matchwinning performance from Robin van persie in Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Inter Milan will go someway to easing the Gunner’s fears. Thefc100 is looking forward to seeing the Dutchman back to full fitness and chances are he will flourish inHenry’s absence this season. Watch this space.

Not long to go now folks…..

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