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Tevez Talk: 18/07/07

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Manchester United have taken their mission to sign Carlos Tevez to FIFA in a bid to have the player signed before the August 31st transfer deadline. At the moment, Tevez sits in Manchester waiting to have a medical which was scheduled for today but has been held up as West Ham have thus far refused permission for the medical to take place. Poor Tevez must be wishing he’d jumped ship with Mascherano in January. While West Ham are well within their rights to refuse to allow the medical to take place, their role in the deal to bring Tevez to the club and the subsequent FA investigation into the transfer deserves plently of criticism. That no-one can confirm to whom the player belongs today, after months of recrimination and investigation, is nothing short of a shambles. Sheffield United must be wondering how they have no case according to the independent arbitration panel who heard their appeal of the decision not to deduct West Ham points last season.

The case is particularly sad given that (a) this practise seems to be common throughout South American football (of individuals owning player registrations) and is getting more common in worldwide football (Freddy Adu has recently been subject of a tug of war over who owns his rights, Fabio Quagliarella was subject of a blind auction between joint-owners Udinese and Sampdoria last month); (b) Tevez is currently one of the most exciting players in European football but has spent the last twelve months with the burden of inquests into the dealings over his transfer and has not been free to play football as simply a Premiership player.

The case seems to show no sign of abating in controversy and Manchester United Chief Executive David Gill explained today: There has been a lot of discussions over the last few days between Manchester United, West Ham and the Premier League, but the case will probably go before Fifa’s Dispute Resolution Chamber. We are very confident this will be resolved in favour of the player and he will be free to achieve his wish of joining Manchester United. However a player’s wishes are not always an influence on proceedings. Cork City FC, the Eircom Premier Division club, signed former Irish International Colin Healy on a free transfer in February of this year. However FIFA refused to allow both Healy and fellow signing Gareth Farrelly to turn out for Cork’s team due to the ‘three teams in one season’ rule. Although Javier Mascherano received clearance to join Liverpool, that case was helped along by the fact that West Ham terminated the Argentine’s contract. Healy and Farrelly were forced to sit on the sidelines for months until July 1st, despite several joint-appeals by the FA and the FAI. Not even the fact that the Eircom League is player during the Summer managed to convince FIFA to release the two Cork players, who made their long-awaited debuts just two weeks ago. Therefore convincing FIFA to bend to a club’s will is hard enough when all parties are on their side, let alone when West Ham don’t seem keen to sell the player to Manchester United anyway. 

This saga continues to rumble on, with no end in sight for the time being. We assume Tevez will train with Man. United in the meantime as his desire to move may not endear him to his West Ham manager, teammates or the fans. Let’s hope Tevez can get back to playing football sometime soon…..

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