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Alexi Lalas stirs sh** up!!

You may remember him as this guy.        http://worldcuphaircuts.atspace.com/lalas.htm

                He is also the man responsible for the media’s extensive coverage of David Beckham’s move to the LA Galaxy this summer. In an interview with today’s Guardian, Lalas, President of L.A. Galaxy, is critical of the media’s portrayal of the MLS (Major League Soccer). In a staunch defence of the MLS and an openly critical assessment of the Premiership, Lalas claims that LA are insulted by the ‘Beckham goes to Hollywood’ style of coverage being afforded to the move, and that he is instead moving to one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

               Lalas makes the point that it is ignorance of the first degree that Beckham’s move is being talked about as semi-retirement in swapping Madrid for Los Angeles. There are a lot of stars in European football who would struggle over here. I believe if you took a helicopter and grabbed a bunch of MLS players and took them to the perceived best league in the world they wouldn’t miss a beat and the fans wouldn’t notice a drop in quality.

               Lalas comes across as a shrew operator in the interview, and is absolutely right when he calls it ignorance of those among us, Thefc100 has certainly leaned that way, who believe that Beckham is earning a lucrative payday for a lot less effort. It is fact however, that the MLS faces a titanic battle to gain a level footing with American institutions like baseball and (American) football. Lalas is aware of this though and makes the point that LA have a twenty year plan in place to compete with the likes of Man Utd and Madrid. Lalas also refers to this dream as LA being the first American superclub, a term which perhaps wouldn’t sit well with many football purists and possibly takes away from his argument that Beckham isn’t being signed to be the pin-up of the MLS. While Lalas states that Beckham is there to help LA on the pitch, he also mentions that he hopes for the Englishman to transform our image. This statement is also perhaps indicative of a greater reason for his signing than helping LA win the title; Beckham’s image is what has seen him most undermined as a professional footballer. Ferguson got rid of him at Man Utd for his success off the pitch; Capello famously said that he would never play at Madrd again, indicative of a lack of respect from one of football’s most successful coaches. That Beckham knuckled down and has had his name become synonomous with Madrid’s title success is possibly down to Beckham’s undoubted stubborn streak which sees him respond best when truly up against it, as he did after his sending off at the 1998 World Cup.

               Lalas is on the ball when he refers to the impressive marketing of the Premiership as perhaps creating a hype beyond the talent on the pitch. It’s just that the Premiership have become so skilled at Presentation. They took a page out of American football and now have Saturday Showdowns and Super Sundays. I love it. This is high-calibre marketing: taking an inferior product and improving it through packaging. The LA President knows his stuff, when it comes to marketing few do it better than the Americans, and he’s right in suggesting that perhaps skysports have a lot to answer for when Darren Bent is being linked with £18million moves to West Ham. Still though, whether or not Beckham is making a step down in moving to MLS we will know in a matter of time. (Meanwhile New York top the Eastern league after twelve games, nine goals in seven appearances for one Juan Pablo Angel seem to have helped, the former Aston Villa man seems to have taken to the MLS like a duck out of water..….)

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