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Thierry Eto’o and Samuel Henry?

 Thierry Henry

 Reports today are claiming that Arsenal and Barcelona have agreed a swap deal with £17million going to Arsenal on top of Samuel Eto’o in exchange for Thierry Henry. Rumours abound that the clubs and players have agreed in principle to the deal and that terms will be finalised in the following weeks.

Earlier in China, Henry refused to rule out a move to Barcelona, somewhat half-heartedly stating that “for now I am an Arsenal player, so that’s all I can tell you“. While Eto’o has also been half-hearted in his statements about his future at Barcelona, this rumour seems to be the real deal with Arsenal getting a lot more than the rumoured £12-15 million Barca were planning on bidding earlier this season.

This move would finance a £7.5 million move for West Brom’s Curtis Davies and would leave change, perhaps for Ribery of Marseille, or Malouda of Lyon.

Henry seems to have become too big for the club in recent years, in that Arsenal and henry are always mentioned hand-in-hand, rather than Arsenal and their history or Arsenal and the team. When Arsenal are mentioned it is more often than not because Henry has something to say and he no longer feels he has to pay back Wenger for kick-starting his career. While Wenger took a chance on the Juventus man and turned him into a star, Henry has paid that favour back with interest, breaking all sorts of records and delivering trophies and eye-catching football to the Arsenal fans.

Therefore, thefc100 gives this rumour the seal of approval. APPROVED.

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