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Post-match discussion.

Well that’s it for another year. Unless, like me, you’ll be watching meaningless international games for the next week or two. The best thing about summer is the transfer window’s re-awakening. Since it was cruelly shut during the season to us bloodthirsty fans recently, the opening of the transfer window is something to cherish. Rumours that are simply rumours, rumours that are actually based in fact, managerial changes, big-name signings, free transfers. And then friendlies. And then we’re back for more. Now would also be a good time to pay your loved one some much craved attention, but not too much in case he/she gets too used to it and when the community shield kicks off would rather you came over for a barbecue at their house with their family. Or went shopping. Or just generally forgot about football.

There’s also friendlies. Friendlies are great because you get to see weird and wonderful things. Like Andriy Shevchenko scoring goals. Jermaine Pennant, not in prison. Eric Cantona getting sent off. Ok something’s don’t really change that much but it’s still great to have the football season back. The end of the season also means I can now work on a Saturday instead of watching games on strange Arabic channels at 3 and drinking enough lucozade to turn me foxy all over (everyone’s worst nightmare??). I can go to the cinema in midweek instead of watching Uefa Cup games or Carling Cup ‘upsets’. Is it really an upset when a premiership team is knocked out now? Hell, Steve Coppell claimed he wouldn’t even play full strength sides in the Uefa Cup if they qualified. So why would he give a damn about Chesterfield beating them in a worthless tournament on a freezing Tuesday afternoon. Well that’s what we’re here for. To cheer on Chesterfield, to take a look at our own team’s youngsters getting a run-out, seeing if we can spot any potential stars. To see a game of 80s football against a team of pampered footballers.

If only the season were starting again. I wonder where saturation point would kick in? Maybe we should set up a baseball scene for football. Games every day for months. A postseason play off to decide winners of different leagues. And then to decide the winners of the winners of those leagues. In the meantime we have to content ourselves with todays news that Baptista’s leaving, Gonzalez is leaving, Hargreaves is nearly here and there’s an England B game tomorrow night. Could be worse…..

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