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#2: Owen Hargreaves.

Bayern Munich president Franz Beckenbauer has confirmed that Owen Hargreaves will leave the club for Manchester United this summer. Now i’ll be honest, I agree that Hargreaves was an outstanding contibutor to a dire England team in 2006, but i’m not so sure this is a great deal for Utd. While I think he’ll be a good player in the Premiership, spending £17 million on a player who was a decent contributor to Bayern Munich’s team, but only really started garnering such attention after the World Cup, seems a little over the top to me.

Now eventually Paul Scholes will start winding down, but no-one seriously expects that to happen next year do they? So can anyone explain how Ferguson plans to keep Scholes, Carrick and Hargreaves in the same team? Or is he simply a back up, a rotation partner with Carrick? If so, that’s two very expensive players to be rotating in a hugely important postition at the heart of the Utd team. Carrick was third, only behind Ronaldo and Rooney, in terms of appearances this season and Scholes’ return was a pivotal factor in  Utd winning the league. So it’ll be an interesting one. Carrick’s enormous fee has been somewhat justified in that he’s slotted into the Utd midfield reasonably effectively after Roy Keane’s departure. However Hargreaves, we assume at least, won’t be replacing anyone in the immediate future, like the signing of Juan Sebastian Veron in the summer of 2001 after a hugely successful season for Utd. Veron was never able to fit into the Utd setup, despite Ferguson’s agressive defence of his new toy, I just wonder whether Ferguson is prioritising the wrong area of his team to be strengthening. I have a feeling Darren Fletcher and John O’Shea agree with me too.

Another interesting story from Old Trafford today has claimed that Edwin van der Sar has played his last game as no.1 at Old Trafford with England no.2 Ben Foster tipped to take his place as the first choice keeper for the start of next season. Inside sources have reported that Ferguson was furious with the Dutchman’s role in the crucial Drogba goal in Sunday’s FA Cup final defeat to Chelsea. Reports continued that Van der Sar’s teammates openly criticised his role after the game as well, and thet Ben Foster’s hugely impressive season at Watford (whenever Paul Robinson wasn’t taking shots from his own goal) will be rewarded with the no.1 jersey at Old Trafford. Tomasz Kuszczak is also rumoured to be on his way to Sunderland for a season-long loan.

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