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Pre-Champions League Build-Up.

    Well let the sniping and the bitching and the pomp and bravado begin. Carlo Ancelotti kicked things off on Wednesday, describing Liverpool as “the worst of the three English teams to reach the semi-finals”. Nice, very nice. Carlo continued “I also believe it would have made a better final in Athens because United are a technical team who play good football…..I don’t believe the same thing will happen with Liverpool”. However he’s not bitter about 2005. Seriously. No, really.

Clarence Seedorf was in equally flattering form when quizzed about his opponents. “I am convinced that if we replayed that game another 20 times, we would win it every time because we showed we were far superior to them….this time we wont let it go to penalties. We’ll win it before then”. Miaow. What a loveable chap.

Paolo Maldini and Kaka reverted to footballing stereotype however….er, we played a good game, it’s a team effort, yeah it’s nice to score goals but it’s all about winning, credit to the opposition….etc…..Maldini named the man Milan have to be wary of as? Steven Gerrard. Must watch a lot of football this guy. Yup, finger on the pulse. Kaka also mentioned that it was the most important game of his life, praised Gerrard (clearly a law in Italy these days) and mentioned how Liverpool were “a very tactical team”.

Let the game begin…….

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  1. demigod031
    May 18, 2007 at 9:32 pm

    I sure hope AC Milan will win in the Champions League.

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